FlexLink® Hosted Voice

Fully Managed Voice and Data
FlexLink® Hosted Voice offers fully managed integrated voice and data, designed to reduce costs and management overhead, and increase productivity. FlexLink® Hosted Voice is only available with any FlexLink® Ethernet or Long Range solution.

Starting at $34.95 per seat*
Add-on service. Requires FlexLink® Ethernet or Long Range

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A Fully Managed Solution

Sonic.net will design a solution, supply and install the equipment and phone sets, and back the service with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Sonic.net vs the competition

Polycom IP Phone Technology

Enterprise grade IP desk and conference phones using Polycom software enhances productivity for busy professionals.

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Cost Effective

Your business no longer needs to own and manage the phone system or equipment. FlexLink® Hosted Voice is built to scale to most any business and budget.

Enhanced Productivity

A VoIP solution offers advanced features and applications to support business workflows to assist busy professionals, that are not available with a traditional PBX.

Built on FlexLink®

FlexLink® Hosted Voice adds IP PBX phone to the high speed connectivity of FlexLink® Ethernet or T1 services. To learn more about FlexLink®, visit:
FlexLink® Ethernet & T1


  • Service is installed, configured, and managed by Sonic.net
  • Polycom Soundpoint IP phone sets & technology
  • Hosted VoIP and unified messaging with unlimited nationwide calling**
  • Backed by Sonic.net's award winning USA based customer support group
  • Includes a Power over Ethernet switch at no extra cost
  • Service Level Agreement and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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* Local, state, and federal taxes/surcharges apply. Price does not include phone rental.
Nationwide outbound calls at $0.02 per minute, nationwide inbound toll calls at $0.025 per minute.
Toll Free service available at $5 per month. International calling available. See International Rates
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