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Sonic.net is a full-service Internet provider, dedicated to delivering fast, reliable and inexpensive connectivity while providing award-winning technical support. Based out of Santa Rosa, California, we were one of the first ISPs to bring DSL access to the wine country, and continue to lead the way in making new access and hosting solutions available to the public.

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Full Speed Ahead: How Sonic became the first company to install residential gigabit fiber internet in California

Bohemian - July 16, 2014

No matter the context—boom, internet or videogame hedgehog—when the word "sonic" comes up, people think of speed. As for Sonic.net, the Santa Rosa–based internet provider, its growth hasn't been as fast as others, but it's picking up steam 20 years after its founding. Sonic is the first company to offer residential gigabit fiber internet service in California and is expanding into areas outside the North Bay. It survived the dotcom bust of 2001 and has made a name for itself as a champion of internet privacy. Not bad for a company founded by a guy who didn't finish high school... Read More

Ultra high speed gigabit service comes to the East Bay

Inside Bay Area - July 11, 2014

Seoul. Tokyo. Hong Kong. Brentwood? Yes, Brentwood. Strong high-speed Internet, or broadband, is crucial for cities of all sizes to succeed. Good broadband can help attract entrepreneurs. It can provide bandwidth for those who want to work from home. It can help educate our students so that they are ready to compete in our changing economy. And broadband can help communities improve public health and safety... Read More

Conduit Policy the Foundation for Affordable Gig Service in the Bay Area

Community Broadband Networks - July 2, 2014

Smart conduit policy, implemented in 1999, is now paying off in Brentwood. The Bay Area community of 52,000 recently reached an agreement with Sonic.net to bring fiber to the community via city-owned conduit. The partners anticipate a fall 2015 project completion. The City requires all new development be constructed with conduit to the premise via a joint trench. Over the past 15 years, the amount of conduit has expanded to approximately 150 miles reaching more than 8,000 homes and all commercial construction. Brentwood has grown exponentially in the past 15 years. Between 2000 and 2010, its population more than doubled as it transitioned from farms to suburbs... Read More

Meet the one ISP you might actually like

BGR - June 5, 2014

Hating your ISP has become one of America’s great national pastimes but there’s one ISP that’s actually trying to be liked by its customers for a change — and we’re not even talking about Google Fiber. Multichannel News has a terrific interview with Dane Jasper, the CEO of California ISP Sonic.net, and he calls out many rival ISPs’ business practices as both bad for consumers and completely unnecessary... Read More

Sonic.net Preps $40 1-Gig/Voice Bundle

Multichannel News - May 19, 2014

The Santa Rosa, Calif.-based competitive service provider announced last week that it plans to offer a 1 Gbps broadband and "unlimited" voice service bundle for $40 per month in the Bay Area city of Brentwood... Read More

Santa Rosa's Sonic expanding at lightning speed

Press Democrat - May 22, 2014

Santa Rosa-based Internet service provider Sonic.net has landed a major contract to build a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network to deliver lightning-fast Internet service in the East Bay city of Brentwood. The project, which has the potential to bring the company's fiber Internet service directly to 8,000 Brentwood homes and businesses, will lead to a significant expansion by Sonic, said Dane Jasper, the company's CEO and co-founder... Read More

Sonic.net Touts New FlexLink Hosted PBX

Channel Partners Online - May 22, 2014

Sonic.net has released its FlexLink Hosted Voice with IP PBX, for sale through channel partners. FlexLink was developed in-house; it’s built on the MetaSwitch platform and comes with Polycom IP phones, although SMBs and enterprises with compatible phones may use those if they like... Read More

Who Has Your Back? 2014

EFF - May 20, 2014

We entrust our most sensitive, private, and important information to technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Verizon. Collectively, these companies are privy to the conversations, photos, social connections, and location data of almost everyone online. The choices these companies make affect the privacy of every one of their users. So which companies stand with their users, embracing transparency around government data requests? Which companies have resisted improper government demands by fighting for user privacy in the courts and on Capitol Hill? In short, which companies have your back? ... Read More

Newer areas of Brentwood to get super fast Internet service

San Jose Mercury News - May 14 2014

Blazing fast high-speed Internet service is coming to the newer areas of Brentwood after the City Council approved a plan to bring a fiber-optic network to newer parts of the city. "Brentwood would be the first city in the Bay Area to offer gigabit service to both residents and businesses," Kerry Breen, the city's assistant finance director, said after the vote. "We're hoping what this will do is encourage more businesses to come here." Read More

Santa Rosa's Sonic leads in online privacy protection

Press Democrat - Sun, Mar 2 2014

Privacy is paramount at Sonic, Northern California's largest independent Internet provider. The company has become a national model for Internet privacy policies, even as the foreign and domestic spying tactics of the National Security Agency provoke worldwide criticism and anger. For the past two years, Sonic has received a perfect rating from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group that for years has championed the digital rights of consumers, from free speech to protecting consumer data from the government... Read More

Sonic.net Signs Sandler Partners as Master Agent

Sonic.net - Wed, Feb 26 2014

LAS VEGAS (CHANNEL PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO) and SANTA ROSA. Sonic.net has announced that Sandler Partners has become a Master Agent for Sonic.net. As part of the relationship, Sandler Partners, with nearly 2,000 sub agents, will now offer their business clients voice and data services from Sonic.net, a facilities based provider of communications and networking services within the California marketplace... Read More

Santa Rosa's Sonic to offer fiber-optic Internet service for businesses

The Press Democrat - Thurs, Sept 19 2013

Standing in front of his southwest Santa Rosa office building on Thursday, Dane Jasper pointed out three buried utility boxes, their labels etched into the tops: AT&T, Comcast and Sonic, the telecom company Jasper co-founded 19 years ago. “It's pretty exciting,” the Sonic.net CEO said. “We're in the mix.” The Santa Rosa-based Internet provider has been laying 3 1/2 miles of fiber-optic cables under the office park south of Sebastopol Road. It will soon offer businesses Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, about 100 times faster than most household Internet connections.... Read More

We Delete User Logs After Two Weeks. Your Internet Provider Should, Too.

Forbes - Fri June 22, 2012

Eighteen months ago, Sonic.net began to see a string of legal requests for its users' data, mostly for copyright infringement cases involving x-rated films with embarrassing names: When given the option to settle or have their name attached to a smutty video in a legal case, Jasper saw users paying up–even when they seemed to be innocent. So he took an unprecedented step to protect the privacy of his 40,000 or so Northern California customers... Read More

When the Government Comes Knocking, Who Has Your Back?

EFF - Thurs May 31, 2012

When you use the Internet, you entrust your online conversations, thoughts, experiences, locations, photos, and more to companies like Google, AT&T and Facebook. But what happens when the government demands that these companies to hand over your private information? Will the company stand with you? Will it tell you that the government is looking for your data so that you can take steps to protect yourself?... Read More

Sonic.net builds super-fast network for future

The Press Democrat - Sun May 6, 2012

On a small, quiet street in Sebastopol, in a neighborhood better known for its eclectic sculptures than for early adopters of the hottest technologies, residents are surfing the Internet at some of the fastest speeds available in the country. Sonic.net, the Santa Rosa-based Internet provider, has strung a network of fiber-optic cables delivering Internet speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second, about 100 times faster than most household Internet connections... Read More

Why I'm Better Off with a Small ISP

CIO - April 11, 2012

The little guys are coming into the market for broadband and wireline services. Here's how CIO.com blogger Bill Snyder took the pain out of switching... to a small local carrier, and is saving money in the process...
Read More

Gigabit Internet for $70: the unlikely success of California's Sonic.net

Ars Technica - Feb 26, 2012

Two things set a one-block stretch of Florence Avenue apart from other American streets. One is the quirky metal sculptures planted in front of most homes; the other is the Internet traffic coursing through recently-strung fiber-optic cables on the block’s utility poles. They offer each house up to one gigabit per second in bandwidth, making this one of the fastest streets in America. While some other cities can also brag about gigabit access, in this Sonoma County town it costs only $69.95 a month... Read More

Sonic.Net CEO Dane Jasper On Super-Fast Internet And Why It's Still A Niche Product In The United States

Forbes - Jan 13, 2012

If you’re one of seven-hundred lucky households in Sebastopol, California your internet is about to become much faster. Telecom start-up Sonic.net is rolling out fiber lines to a small group of California residents in its initial foray into 1Gbps internet. That’s fast. In 2010, the median internet speed in the United States was a paltry 3 Mbps. Sonic.net’s internet is over three hundred times as fast... Read More

Getting to a gigabit. How Sonic.net will take on caps, residents and AT&T in San Francisco

GigaOm - Dec 28, 2011

San Francisco is slated to get a gigabit fiber to the home network in the coming five years, with the construction on the network to begin next year if Sonic.net gets the permits it needs to begin the pilot build out. But those permits are far from certain. As AT&T's battle with the city proves, getting to a gig (or in AT&T's case about 18 Mbps) takes more than just money - the city's residents are active protestors of some of the infrastructure a fiber network requires... Read More

Sonic.net to bring Gigabit fiber internet service to San Francisco

The Verge - Dec 16, 2011

Sonic.net, the ISP best known for managing Google's gigabit service at Stanford University, has filed a permit application to bring a similar fiber network to two thousand homes in San Francisco. The 1Gbps service will be some of the fastest in the nation, putting San Francisco on par with such high-tech havens as Hong Kong and South Korea... Read More

Sonic.net plans 1Gbps fiber service to San Francisco homes

Computer World - Dec 14, 2011

Internet service provider Sonic.net unveiled an ambitious plan on Wednesday to build a fiber network that would reach most residences and small businesses in San Francisco with 1G bps Internet access. The so-called fiber-to-the-home network would be the first such citywide system in San Francisco and would dramatically exceed the current residential speeds offered by AT&T and Comcast, the city's major ISPs... Read More

Stop Online Piracy Act would stop online innovation

SF Chronicle - Dec 14, 2011

A bipartisan bill introduced last week in the House of Representatives would mark a fundamental change in Internet law, shifting liability for copyright piracy from the infringer to the host website. It would chip away at critical safeguards that have shaped the Internet as we know it today, and many worry it would make it far more difficult for the next YouTube, Facebook or Craigslist to emerge and succeed... Read More

The Little ISP That Stood Up to the Government

Wall Street Journal - Oct 09, 2011

When Twitter fought a court order for information from the accounts of several WikiLeaks supporters, it was lauded by Wired.com as having "beta-tested a spine." The latest entry into the list of companies with a "spine" is tiny Sonic.net Inc., a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Internet provider with about 36,000 customers. Sonic not only fought a secret court order for information from WikiLeaks supporter Jacob Appelbaum, but also spoke out about it. So, who are these Sonic guys? Read More

Sonic Boom

North Bay Biz - Aug, 2011

Chalk it up to synchronicity, timing, hard work or just plain good luck, but Sonic.net, once a local startup, is now a regional success story. Cofounders Dane Jasper (now CEO) and Scott Doty first met at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) in the early 1990s while working together in the computing services department... Read More

Sonic.net bucking the data cap trend

San Francisco Chronicle - July 6, 2011

Sonic.net, a 17-year-old Santa Rosa firm, continues to offer broadband plans without data caps and recently dropped its speed limits, meaning all connections now run as fast as the pipes allow for the same price. Perhaps more interestingly, the company is gearing up to vastly accelerate those speeds in certain areas, to levels far higher than what's generally available in the region today...Read More

Sonic.net starts trial of 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home internet in California, asks just $70

Engadget - Jun 13th, 2011

You'll be forgiven for not being intimately familiar with Californian ISP Sonic.net, though we get the feeling you'll also wish it operated a little closer to your abode by the time you've finished reading this. You see, Sonic has always dabbled in the business of high-speed, low-price internet connectivity, and now it's going for the jugular with a new fiber-to-the-home service, which costs just $69.95 a month, reaches speeds up to 1Gbps, and bundles in two phone lines and unlimited long distance calling... Read More

Sonic.net launching 1Gbps fiber-to-home Internet for $70 per month

ZDNet - Jun 13th, 2011

Sonic.net is launching a new service that could end up challenging larger Internet service providers with a much higher data usage allotment for such a smaller monthly fee.

The California-based ISP is gearing up to roll out its new 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home Internet service that will cost only $69.99 per month. Compare that to Comcast’s 105Mbps option that can run anywhere between $100 and $200 per month depending on the bundle you buy... Read More

1Gbps Internet Access For $70 in America? Sonic Says Yes

Maximum PC - Jun 12th, 2011

If Comcast’s 105Mbps service costs $199.95 per month (in select markets), then naturally 1Gbps service should cost around $2,000 a month right? Well according to scrappy independent ISP sonic.net, $69.99 sounds much more reasonable, and they plan to put their money where their mouth is. The company has committed to rolling out 1Gbps fiber service to around 700 homes in the Sebastopol California area, and will study the results over the next few months to prove that its possible to offer such a high tier of service for $70, and still remain profitable... Read More

1Gbps fiber for $70—in America? Yup.

Ars Technica - June 10, 2011

American ISPs have convinced us that Internet access is expensiveÑgetting speeds of 100Mbps will set most people back by more than $100 a month, assuming the service is even available. Where I live in Chicago, Comcast's 105Mbps service goes for a whopping $199.95 ("premium installation" and cable modem not included). Which is why it was so refreshing to see the scrappy California ISP Sonic.net this week roll out its new 1Gbps, fiber-to-the-home serviceÉ for $69.99 a month... Read More

Sonic.net to launch a 1 Gbps FTTH service

Fierce Telecom - June 9, 2011

Sonic.net, a competitive residential service provider known for its disruptive broadband pricing, will soon break a new mold with its 1 Gbps Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service. Unlike its traditional DSL offerings, Sonic's 1 Gbps service is going to run on its own fiber network that it's building out throughout its Sonoma County, California area service footprint... Read More

Sonic brings ultra-fast Internet to Sebastopol

Press Democrat - June 7, 2011

Sonoma County will soon be home to some of the fastest residential Internet anywhere in the United States. Sonic.net, the hometown Internet provider that began 17 years ago in a Santa Rosa home, is only a few weeks away from completing the first phase of a fiber optic network that will run directly to people's homes in Sebastopol... Read More

Cheap, Ultrafast Broadband? Hong Kong Has It

The New York Times - March 5, 2011

Dane Jasper, the chief executive of Sonic.net, an Internet provider based in Santa Rosa, Calif., says that most broadband markets in the United States today are dominated by one phone company and one cable company. “Why doesn’t Verizon offer gigabit service?” Mr. Jasper asks. “Because it doesn’t have to.”... Read More

Sonic Boom

The Bohemian - Jan 12, 2010

While most who call customer service are subjected to relentless pop Muzak as they wait for help, callers to Sonic.net in early January heard something completely different—a message of apology from Sonic cofounder and CEO Dane Jasper. "I'd like to apologize in advance for what may be a much longer than usual hold time today," Jasper intones on the pre-recorded message. "Our new Fusion broadband and phone service is growing rapidly and our whole team is trying hard to keep up... Read More

An ISP that knows nothing of "data hogs"

ars technica - Sep 2, 2010

Pop quiz: which US Internet service provider made the following statement about a network upgrade? "During the construction of this network we have given a lot of thought to the business model in the US, and how we could do things in a different and more interesting way... Read More

Dane Bringing High Speed, Low Price To California

fastnetnews.com - Sep 2, 2010

Unless you live far from the exchange, Sonic.net offers a better deal than any large U.S. carrier. Dane has some interesting ideas about TV to implement as soon as practical, although I think he's going to be very busy just filling orders for a while... Read More

Sonic.net brings All You Can Eat broadband and phone to Northern California

fiberevolution - August 30, 2010

In an era where the buzzwords about broadband and the internet seem to be caps and hogs, it's reassuring and exciting to see someone trying to buck the trend and offer what customers want as opposed to what he thinks customers should get... Read More

Sonic.net Voted Best Internet Provider of 2010

bohemian.com - March 17, 2010

"This Best Of issue not only celebrates your picks for the best merchants, performing spaces, artists, hair dressers, auto mechanics, dress shops and other local providers of culture and commerce and sport and laughter, but it also strives to celebrate those people and entities that have had change thrown haphazardly at them and have triumphed-whether they wanted their new life's course or not..." Read More

Reinventing Sonic

Press Democrat - October 19, 2008

Sonic.net, the homegrown Internet service provider, is unveiling a slew of new products from TV service to faster broadband as it attempts to become a full-fledged telecommunications company... Read More