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IPv6 Tunneling

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol designed to replace the present version of IP, or IPv4, in order to sustain the current impressive growth rate of the Internet. Using public addresses consisting of four octets each, the present Internet Protocol (IPv4) can only sustain 4,294,967,296 addresses. When the IPv4 was developed, this was thought to be a very large number, as only a few small number of devices were actually interconnected. As people around the world become increasingly connected to the Internet, and as new applications for connectivity emerge, these four billion addresses are expected to become quite scarce. offers IPv6 tunnels, permitting DSL subscribers to take advantage of IPv6, allocating over 281 trillion public addresses through a single IPv4 static address. As of this writing (June, 2005), very few Internet Service Providers facilitate IPv6 traffic to residential and business customers, and is a proud exception. We encourage you to become an early adopter of the IPv6. Use our Manage IPv6 Service tool and get on the leading-edge!

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