Larry Fast on Tour with Peter Gabriel

Old Town Theater, Chicago - 1980

Onstage early in the afternoon, before soundcheck. Larry had quite a bit to check and double-check with his gear. Equipment was not as stable or "roadable" as it is these days. But, being into the electronics side of thigs too, he carried good tool kits and spares.

This show was my first time to meet Peter and the band, and his manager Gail from Hit And Run Music. Having been a huge Genesis fan, and even playing much of that music in the bands I was with in earlier years, this was an unbelievable thrill for me. Larry provided me with my first "all access" stage pass for this show. So I was free to go out front, down into the orchestra pit, and back stage at any time throughout the show. That freedom led to some awesome pictures of Peter during performance, one of which ended up being a cover shot for Polyphony. I stayed in the same hotel with them as well, so it was a couple days of pure rock and roll heaven for me.

His gear complement is the same basic setup seen in the other studio shots, plus some new technologies emerging at the time. His standard Moog 15 and Mini, a bunch of MXR gear (looks like a Bi-Phase overhead and an EQ in the rack), and I think there was a Harmonizer or Lexicon in the rack, and a Paia 8700 keyboard for multiple stored sequence playbacks throughout the show.

I think I see the edge of a Polyphony magazine down there in the lower left! ;-) This shot was used on a Polyphony cover too.