Morrie Jones's Music Library

I will start to put recordings of Morrie here for all to enjoy. There are many boxes of tapes - reel to reel, cassette, even some old lacquer radio station direct cut transcription discs!

For now, these recordings are quick and dirty conversions. In time, I hope to do some noise reduction on these tracks, and clean them up a bit, in hopes of putting together a CD of dad's playing. I will upgrade these copies if I get some of that processing completed.

Smokey Smith TV Show - KRNT TV - 1955-56

 Band members include:

Smokey Smith (rhythm guitar, vocals)

Morrie Jones (lead guitar)

Bob Stafford (steel guitar)

Don Edwards (guitar)

Garland Dye (bass)

Lew Martin (fiddle)

Don Mills (square dance caller)

This first batch of tunes is from the January 6, 1956 show :

Maggie (mp3)

South (mp3)

Yellow Rose (mp3)

This number is from the April 13, 1956 show :

Snow Deer (mp3)


The Paul McFarland Band - 1970's

Wildwood Flower (mp3)

This is a casual recording from a club date, and not the best recording. But this number displays a lot of Morrie's versatility of style. In addition to straight ahead lead flat picking, at 0:38 he does some of his famous jazzy block chording arrangements, and at 0:46 he breaks into some good old Merle Travis style picking, which he loved so much. He then rotates through all those styles again throughout the piece.

Somewhere My Love - coming soon - featuring his use of the GuitOrgan


Check back! Much more to come!


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