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Updated March 21, 2003

CHARLIE CLEMENTS, M.D, clclements@aol.com,
Clements is a Vietnam war veteran and recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace
Prize on behalf of Physicians for Human Rights. He has just returned from a
10-day emergency mission to Iraq with other public health experts to assess
the vulnerability of the civilian population.

In Chicago: DANNY MULLER, vitw@vitw.org, http://www.iraqpeaceteam.org
Members of the Iraq Peace Team -- Liteky, Kelly and Birmingham -- are in
Baghdad. Phone lines are intermittent, but do work for many after several

STANLEY I. KUTLER, sikutler@facstaff.wisc.edu,
Kutler is the author of the book "The Wars of Watergate" and wrote the
article "There Will Absolutely Be No Dissension" published in Wednesday's
Chicago Tribune.

ZOLTAN GROSSMAN, zoltan@igc.org, http://www.counterpunch.org/zoltanbases.html
Grossman is assistant professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin
and author of the recent article "New U.S. Military Bases."

CHRIS TOENSING, ctoensing@merip.org, http://www.merip.org
Toensing is editor of Middle East Report.

ANAS SHALLAL, ashallal@cox.net
Shallal is a "Partner for Peace" in the Seeds of Peace program, a founder
of the Mesopotamia Cultural Society and an independent Iraqi-American
business owner in Washington, D.C.

ELISABETH RYDEN BENJAMIN, benjamine@legal-aid.org, http://www.cesr.org
Recently back from Iraq, Benjamin is a public health lawyer and is founder
of the New York Legal Aid Society's Health Law Unit. She was in Iraq with a
delegation organized by the Center for Economic and Social Rights, which
just released the report "The Human Costs of War in Iraq."

REESE ERLICH, rerlich@pacbell.net, http://www.contextbooks.com/new.html#target
Erlich is coauthor of the new book "Target Iraq."

LAMIS ANDONI, LamisAndoni@yahoo.com, http://www.electroniciraq.net
Andoni is a journalist and analyst who has covered the Mideast for over two

DANIEL ELLSBERG, Michael@ellsberg.net, http://www.ellsberg.net
Ellsberg, currently in Washington, D.C., authored the recent book "Secrets:
A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers."

DENIS HALLIDAY, djhalliday@msn.com
Former head of the U.N. oil-for-food program and former U.N. Assistant
Secretary General of the U.N.

BRIAN WILLSON, bw@brianwillson.com, http://www.brianwillson.com
Was in Vietnam as an Air Force officer, now active in Veterans for Peace.

ZAINEB ISTRABADI, zistraba@indiana.edu
Associate director of the Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program at
Indiana University at Bloomington, an Iraqi-American.

NORMAN SOLOMON, norman@accuracy.org,
Coauthor of the new book "Target Iraq" and executive director of the
Institute for Public Accuracy.

JOHN QUIGLEY, quigley.2@osu.edu
Professor of international law at Ohio State University, Quigley said
today: "The military action against Iraq is not justified under any
doctrine of law and therefore constitutes aggression."

KEVIN GRAY, kagamba@bellsouth.net,
Author of the recent article "The Sun Never Sets," editorial page editor
for Black News in S.C.

MEDEA BENJAMIN, JODIE EVANS, womens.vigil@verison.net,
medea@globalexchange.org, http://www.codepink4peace.org
Founders of Code Pink, a women's peace group that has maintained a vigil in
front of the White House.

JACQUELINE CABASSO, wslf@earthlink.net, http://www.wslfweb.org
Now in New York City, executive director of Western States Legal
Foundation, a nuclear disarmament advocacy organization; wrote the article
"The End of Disarmament and the Arms Races to Come."

WILLIAM HARTUNG, hartung@newschool.edu,
Senior research fellow at the World Policy Institute specializing in
military affairs.

KANI XULAM, akin@kurdish.org, http://www.kurdistan.org
Director of the American Kurdish Information Network.

CHRISTOPHER SIMPSON, simpson@american.edu
Professor of communications at American University and author of several
books including "Science of Coercion"; can address satellite imaging,
psychological operations and propaganda.

DAVID MILLER, david.miller@stir.ac.uk
With the Stirling Media Research Institute in Scotland, specializes in
global public opinion.

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