CorelDRAW 8 Suite! Items

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Below is a more complete list of the graphic applications and supporting utilties in CorelDRAW 8 for those readers not already familar with the program.

Main Applications

CorelDRAW 8--A vector illustration and page layout program providing a full range of drawing, editing and text tools.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT (also available as a standalone product)--A photo-retouching and painting program. It includes a variety of image-enhancing filters to improve the quality of scanned images, plus special effects filters that alter the appearance of images. Users can create artistic effects using natural media brushes that mirror the process of painting on textured paper.

CorelDREAM 3D 8--A spline-based 3D modeling and rendering package based on the Ray Dream Designer product. It has tools for 3D object modeling, texture mapping, lighting controls and high-resolution rendering.

Supporting Utilities

Corel OCR-TRACE--A bitmap-to-vector tracing utility that converts scanned or manually created bitmap artwork into vector images. It supports several tracing modes including Outline, Centerline or Woodcut. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function extracts editable paragraph text from scanned documents.

Corel TEXTURE--You can create simulated natural textures such as clouds, marble and wood by combining upt o seven user-defined material layers, defining the interaction between the layers and applying lighting effects. An unlimited variety of custom textures can be created by manipulating the available parameters.

CorelSCAN--It is a wizard-driven scanning utility which includes preset processing options for removing red eye from photographs or applying automatic effects such as more removal on half-toned images during post-processing.

CorelCAPTURE 8--This program is a screen capture utility. It lets users capture onscreen video or images such as the current window, active client, full screen, or a rectangular, elliptical or freehand area. Hot keys and preference settings, as well as file destination, name and type can be defined by the user.

Corel SCRIPT Editor and Corel SCRIPT Dialog Editor--These scripting utilities can be used to create add-on utilities for CorelDRAW 8 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8 through OLE 2 Automation.

Bitstream Font Navigator 3.0--This font manager is developed by Bitstream Inc. and it offers a quick and easy way to find and install fonts, organize fonts into manageable groups, and view and print font samples.


Filters--The suite includes Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filters, such as AutoF/X Photo/Graphic Edges, Cytopia PhotoLab, Digimarc Digital Watermarking and Human Software Squizz.

Libraries and Fonts

Goodies--Includes 40,000 clipart images and symbols; 1,000 TrueType and Type 1 fonts; 1,000 high-resolution photos; 450+ CorelDRAW and Paper Direct templates; and animated GIF files, Web backgrounds themes, floating objects, tiling textures.


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