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FlexLink Ethernet, T1 & Dual-T1
From $229.00*

Special! 10Mbps FlexLink Ethernet $549.00*'s new FlexLink family of products are now available. FlexLink delivers high speed access in a range of speeds to meet the growing Internet needs of your business. Choose from symmetric Ethernet or T1 products that range in speeds up to 100mbps.
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Fiber DIA
From $999.00*
The next generation of scalable high-speed business connectivity. In addition to offering low-cost symmetric connections at speeds from 5Mbps to 1Gbps, the line will integrate seamlessly into your existing network through a flexible fiber connection that terminates as simple Ethernet.
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Business T
From $308*
Finally, T1 speeds and reliability at affordable prices. Entry level speed is 1.5Mbps symmetrical (T1 speed), but higher speed options are available in a number of configurations. Business T is scalable up to a current maximum of 24.0 Mbps down/ 3.0 Mbps up.
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* Marked prices are part of a three-year term commitment. Some restrictions may apply. See details for each offer for more information.

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