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500-Year Buddha Cycles?

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Subject: Re: 500-Year Buddha Cycles? (was Join the ...)
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 06:44:22 GMT

"Ned Ludd" :
|#>- (What age is this, how many 500-year years periods have there
|#>- been since Buddha's death?)

|#> there are Buddhic Ages? please elaborate. we are in different
|#>  cultural time fields at all moments. what have Buddhists found
|#>  out about the ages we should know? is it archaeoastronomical?
|#>  I just learned of the Chinese shamans' Hamlet, a goddess whom
|#>  I've loved for many moons. I had no idea she and Kwan Yin were
|#>  sisters (Hsi Wang Mu)

|# The Buddha predicted in variousd places the longevity of his
|# dispensation.
|# The standard length is 2500 years. The first one thousand years
|# are fruitional. The second are formal-- i.e. the teaching of Dharma
|# occurs, but no realization occurs. The last five hundred years is
|# the period of decline.  If we accept Richard Gombrich's dates for
|# the parinirvana of the Buddha to be 400 BCE-- this puts us smack
|# dab in the last century of the decline of Dharma.

this is interesting because it approximates 1 cycle (2150?) 
 of Equinoctal precession, starting roughly 400 years prior
 to probable conjuctive intiation marked by those who identify
 present as Piscean age and coming as Aquarian and finishing
 very roughly at the same time as the Piscean transit (if we
 ignore the Hermetic contentions to the contrary ;>)

are there descriptions of Buddha with Grindstone or any other
 obvious archaeoastronomical symbols? is there supposed to be
 successor to Gautama? Maitreya?

"Ned Ludd" :
| According to the footnote on pg. 116 of "Buddhist Mahayana Texts":
| "It is stated in the fifty-first section of the Mahasannipata-sutra,
| that Buddha said: "After my Nirvana, in the first 500 years, all the
| Bhikshus and others will be strong in deliberation in my correct Law.
| (Those who first obtain the 'holy fruit' i.e. the Srota-apannas, are
| called those who have obtained deliberation.)  In the next or second
| 500 years, they will be strong in meditation.  In the next or third
| 500 years, they will be strong in 'much learning,' i.e. bahusruta,
| religious knowledge.  In the next or fourth 500 years, they will be
| strong in founding monasteries, etc.  In the last or fifth 500 years,
| they will be strong in fighting and reproving.  The pure (lit. white)
| Law will then become invisible."
|   If we take Buddha's death year as 483 B.C. then:
|                   483 BC + 2500 = 2017 AD

of what character is pure/white Law?
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