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Who Is David John Griffin?

Subject: Who Is David John Griffin?

	David Griffin Authentic-Golden-Dawn-Thule-Nazi-HOGD®        

      Regardless of any justification for his behavior that David John
          Griffin gave the news media, the questions still remain:

         [regarding an included image of someone in Naza regalia]

    Where did he get this NAZI regalia and WHAT possessed him to wear it
   publicly in the United States on a KNOWN libral college campus? Would
    anyone YOU know go out dressed for a "protest" in this manner, if so
              WOULD you question his TRUE underlying motives?

                         Who Is David John Griffin?

     (Temple Owner of the Authentic Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®)


   For a long time, people have questioned exactly who is this person
   that claims to hold title and ownership over the egregore of the
   Western Mystery traditions. Claiming to be the sole inheritor of early
   Rosicrucian documents and the Golden Dawn and R.R. et A.C. lineage,
   Griffin has had a profound influence on the Western Mystery tradition
   as it is known today through his "Authentic" Hermetic Order of the
   Golden Dawn®. Based on extensive research through publicly available
   archives, the following information has been gathered to provide you
   extensive details on this individual's trek to spirituality and his
   professed desire to unify the Golden Dawn tradition.

   The reader would be advised that it is best not to merely read this,
   but to follow the links provided here to make your own decisions about
   the history, character, and validity of Mr. Griffin's claims. No text
   from any articles is included here. The purpose of this site is to
   provide links to exhisting USENET articles (the bulletin board system
   now known as "newsgroups" and a popular way of discussing common
   topics since the inception of the Internet) so that the user may enjoy
   the freedom of sound decisions based on actual information in the
   words of both Mr. Griffin and those who have known him over the years.

   1. Lineage

   David J. Griffin's occult training and lineage descends from Cris
   Monnastre(a.k.a Pat Behman) who was a student of Israel Regardie.

   2. Trademark Holder

   Griffin owns registered trademarks on several items, including the
   term R.R. et A.C. He now shares a trademark with Chic Cicero for the
   name Golden Dawn. Ironically, prior to his application for the
   trademark, Griffin publicly attacked Chic Cicero for attempting the
   same thing. He opened his Golden Dawn site officially on July 19,
   1997. He claims first usage of the term R.R. et A.C. on June 12, 1982
   (USPTO application #2045501, search for "David Griffin" as the owner)

   3. NAZI and Possible Member of Thule Group

   Numerous allegations of these ties have been raised. The Thule Group,
   is the mystical German society determined to invoke the anti-Christ
   (and the leaders of the SS division of the Third Reich). Much can be
   found about the Thule Group by searching the web. Griffin has been
   publicly accused of being a NAZI and a member of Thule. In fact, R.A.
   Gilbert, the noted Golden Dawn historian publicly claimed to have a
   photo of Griffin in front of a NAZI flag (an article referencing this
   action can be found here). One of the earliest posts of this nature,
   on Sept 6, 1996 came at the heels of some intense anti-semitic and
   pro-NAZI postings a few months earlier, as well as attempts to back up
   his claims using the Bible (May-July, 1996).

   Several people have offered compelling arguments that Mr Griffin is
   not a NAZI. However, given his constant attention to filing suit
   against parties, it is a wonder that he did not deal with this issue
   in that manner (a possible explanation -- that the charges could be

   4. Worker For Unification of the Golden Dawn

   David Griffin has worked quite hard for this. In fact, he has promoted
   the unity of all branches of the Golden Dawn (Jan 4, 1999). No, sorry
   ... he campaigned against it on April 24, 1999. On the same day, he
   posted a Manifesto declaring himself the leader and heir of the entire
   Golden Dawn and the R.R. et A.C. in all of its forms. The resulting
   backlash is (needless to say) quite an interesting read.

   It is my earnest hope that the reader has found this information quite
   enlightening as to the nature of the leader of the so-called
   "official" Golden Dawn.

   Please note: A group doesn't have to be branded "Nazi" to be a danger
   to humanity...ANY group or person who's belief is hate and who does
   not consider some other person or group of persons worthy of life is a
   menace to the human race.


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