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demon/qlippoth soup: The Variation from Heaven

To: alt.magick
From: Charlene Mann 
Subject: Re: demon/qlippoth soup:  The Variation from Heaven
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 17:18:45 GMT

Ka wrote:
> I was going to be making the soup below but i can't seem to find any
> qlippoth. And i've looked everywhere. Unless they (whoever they are) mean
> those empty illusional shadows? God doesn't make mistakes.
> Ingredients;
> 72 (or more/less) Fresh white button mushrooms.
> Virgin Olive Oil (Or pure butter).
> Salt (lots of it).
> Fresh ground pepper.
> Flour.
> Milk.
> Cream.
> Large suacepan.
> Preparation: Intricately carve each demons/qlippoth's (if you can find any)
> sigil onto one of the 72 (or more/less) mushrooms (*note1). Put the suacepan
> on the heat and add the oil/butter until it is very hot. Add all of your now
> carved sigil-mushrooms into the oil/butter. Add salt, pepper (and if you
> like it hot, some red chilly peppers too). Fry them until they squeal then
> turn the heat down on low and put the lid on the suacepan. Keep them there
> in the hot steam until all the flavour and juices has sweated out of them
> then throw in the flour to make a roux (*note2). Now slowly add pure milk to
> the roux mixture bit by bit until it is at the consistency you require
> (*note3). Add a bit of cream to finish it off and voila! qlippoth/demon
> soup.
> Hmmmmm, tasty!
> I might make some for breakfast, if i could find any.
> *note1: It might be an idea to do this in a deep state of Samadhi while
> carving the sigils and cooking them. OR, it might not be a good idea
> whatsoever to memorize them in the first place (and im leaning towards the
> latter view at present.)
> *note2:
> *note3: To make a less lumpy and decent roux it is better for the milk to be
> warmed up before adding it (trade secret, i used to be a Chef).


First ground & center ones' self.  Then seal that pesky Portal to the 
Qlippoth with a well-inscribed Seal of Solomon.  (Um, a Magen David with 
a well-centered /shin/ within.)*  Prior to the Sealing, apply the 
Malleus Daemonum (a simple four-step procedure; text on request ifya 
needit; full-color illustrated rendition available too) full-scale to 
all demons (as well as all their buddies and other related garbage) 
which would otherwise linger within the Temple Kitchen and cause trouble 
thereby.    Just chase 'em all back to the Qlippoth and then seal that 
foul Portal well.

Once returned from the Planes, don your /yarmulke/, /tallis/, and 
/tefillin/ with appropriate joyous invocations drawn from field-proven 
Tradition.  (Check out Psalm #23; it kikkazz ROCKS!)  Otherwise proceed 
as per the above recipe.  Samadhi is both optional and acceptable.

At the point of the Carving of the Fungus, though, instead of using the 
names or sigils of the now-banished and therefore blessedly absent 
demons, inscribe on each muchroom cap one of the Seventy-Two Most Holy 
Names of Almighty Eternal Creator (aka "1 True 1" to the Riddley Walker 
crowd) or the appropriate sigil thereof, depending on the size of the 
available mushrooms.  One who is Experienced may additionally choose the 
precise species of muchroom freely as well; free choice is downright 
sacred as well as intrinsically heretickal.  Kosher ink from your 
friendly neighborhood /sofer/ may be sub'd for the carving if the 
mushrooms are small.  (Recipe for kosher ink is also available on request.)

Shockel and daven to suit as you duly inscribe. Kosher salt, of course, 
is /de regeur/.

Set aside 24 hours for safety, peace, and consequent full enjoyment of 
the result if the mushrooms be so species'd.  Since milk is used here, 
there shall be no meat in any spontaneous or inspired variant of this 
wondrous dish.  Finish cooking prior to sundown if the day be Friday, of 

For the Love of God, Enjoy!  Eat, Skeleton!  Eat!  (The other soup you 
didn't like?**)  ;-)

God is Good - especially when well-chosen.

Note1:  If using the Taoist map for additional Perspective, the 
corollary deed is to cap and seal the /black/ spot of your Inner YinYang 
securely.  Leave the white one alone.

Note2:  We are not the Goyim.***


Rev. Charlene Mann (ULC, C of SubG, CSH, etc etc too much etc)
First Peoples' Church of the Forbidden Truth
(Ancient.  Gnostic.  Trans/poly-modal.  Very Few Walls at All.)
Affiliate of the Planetary Funny Hat Medicine Society since 09-11-1801.
Back from the Dead, no shit.  Yagottaproblem widdat, Doc?

Q:  Why did God invent the Goyim?
A:  Well, SOMEONE hasta pay retail!

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