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Djinn, Valakhilya, and Rakasha .

To: alt.magick,alt.satanism,alt.religion.satanism,alt.religion.angels,talk.religion.misc
From: (David Dalton)
Subject: Djinn, Valakhilya, and Rakasha .
Date: 29 Dec 2003 21:30:36 -0800

Here is a post I just sent to alt.religion.islam and three
related groups which might be of some interest in these
groups as well.  (I have added the line about angels, in
square brackets, below, though, in this version.)  


Now if I undertand it djinn or jinn are said to have been
created from a smokeless flame of fire.   Could they then
maybe be the same as the Hindu Valakhilya who I think have
induced on me the flying alive mystic sparks described in   ?   Also are
they maybe the same as the Buddhist Rakasha modelled after in
Roger Zelazny's science fiction novel Lord of Light?  [But
I usually think of the Valakhilya as a form of angels,
like "the angel of light, the angel of fire" in Bill Bourne's
song Oblioh  or as the little messengers of the sun.]

Also if I have it right there are mostly good djinn, also djinn that
are sometimes good and sometimes bad so you would have
to be careful in dealing with them as they are untrustworthy,
and mostly bad djinn, is that right?

In I think early June 1994 when fooling around on Canadian
singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan's fan e-mail discussion
list fumbling-towards-ectasy (named after her third recording)
I did two limericks based on her first and last name, and
here they are:

there is a human named Sarah
  she belts out the truly rare ah
   the trussed listener quivers
          whenever she delivers
  her passionate oral lay, raw

this child of McLachlan
fortified by strong djinn
 braves web of sea and leaf
 breaks bonds of pain and grief
sings words of earth cracklin'

So anyway the jokes in the first one are that she has
a song Trust on her first recording, and the word lay
can mean either an epic poem or a sexual encounter.
But I include them here mainly because the second one
uses the word djinn (which I also meant to have double
meaning of gin, the liquor).   Also the cracklin'
refers to her song Into the Fire on her second recording
(her web site is  )
and does not mean flames of destruction but I am pretty
sure the flames of positive transformation, perhaps
spiritual fire as referred to by Rabi'a in her poems,
the flames of creativity (as in the Hindu coming out
of the cremation ground as Kali dances upon Shiva,
since I have read that in Hinduism creativity and
fire are equated), and perhaps also loving sexual fire.
Also I of course meant the good sort of djinn.


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