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Extra-Corporeal Travel Troubles

From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Extra-Corporeal Travel Troubles

50000716 Vom

a correspondent wrote:
> ...calm down and get relaxed, there seems to be this wall in my head, this
> point I can never cross. It feels like I am imprisoned in the human body
> and cannot get out. I don't even seem to be able to connect to the
> spiritual world. Do you have any advise or tips on this matter and how
> to break through the wall as it drives me mad, please?!

generally, ascetic, disorienting, psychosis-inducing disciplines
and substances can really and honestly drive you mad by making
you believe that you *are* 'leaving the body'. I don't recommend
these, but have occasionally experimented with them myself. more
subtle options include beginning to adopt beliefs concerning the
absolute difference of "soul" and "body" and infusing yourself
in the cosmologies and disciplines of New Age Out of Body experts.
those practices which distance you from body-attunement, diffuse
the identification with a body, and enhance the identification of
oneself with some kind of transcendental being will assist you
in 'breaking through that wall' of pragmatism and groundedness
(which some would call a great gift).

less subtle but not entirely dangerous alternatives include the
ingestion of mind-altering chemicals while intentionally
reflecting on fantasy and way-out philosophy and "non-fiction"
about nonordinary realities. such chemicals might be legal or
non-legal, but needn't be more potent than that which will take
you out of ordinary consciousness for a few hours a day. have a
care for habit-forming tendencies on the part of any substance
and if your genetics predispose you toward them, avoid this 
route unless you are extremely strong-willed.

very mild means would be techniques like the routinizing of
entry into a separate "temple" area designated for gradual
enhancement of trance journeying, worship, or some other non-
ordinary enterprise. intentionally engaging tools such as those
intended for magical rites, divination, and the like, can also
facilitate this. taking up worship of a variety of deities,
recording your dreams, reading fantasy novels by authors like
Tolkien or those who inspire you (e.g. I enjoyed LeGuin's
Earthsea trilogy) can assist the breaking down of this wall.

don't underestimate the influence which 'skeptical' (i.e.
cynical and highly critical) individuals can have on your
spiritual and ritual life just by being around you. if you
can, spend time with those who are WAY WAY into the spiritual
world, so far in that they can't see straight. try to keep
your head above water as you speak with them and explore
their world. I'd done this many many times, investigated
cults and cultures and let them inspire me to very great
depths of spiritual dedication.


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