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A Familiar

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: A Familiar
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 18:59:04 GMT

Elephant wrote:
> A cat has shown up at my door and has more or
> less adopted me.   It knows when I leave for work,
> and walks me to the car.   It knows when I get home
> from work and is there to greet me.
> I'm not a witch, no have I ever dealt with any
> form of magic, but I was wondering if this
> cat was some sort of familiar?  It's not a black
> cat. So far, I haven't noticed anything unusual,
> except for the fact that it adopted me.
> Any thoughts????

First: Are you sure that this is not someone else's cat out "visiting"? 

My daughter was recently appalled to learn that after she went to work
in the morning, one of her two cats spent the days at other apartments
in her building. In each home, the cat had another name! One day the cat
went missing and Althaea posted a notice around the neighborhood -- and
within a few hours she got distressed calls from 4 different people who
each thought that the cat was THEIR cat! Some of them even had photos of
themselves with the cat on their couches! Her cat was a pet-slut!!!!
Happily, one of the 4 people had accidently locked the cat in his garage
and found her when he went to get his car the next morning and let her
loose again. She was fine and went right back "home" to Althaea. 

Posting a notice about "finding" the cat may resolve the issue of
ownership and save someone else a lot of heartbreak. 

Second: If the cat is truly homeless, are you feeding it yet?  Have you
invited it into your home yet, or are all your interactions between the
door and the car? 

I recommend Whiskas canned food and Purina Cat Chow. Invite it in. When
it becomes comfortable with you, see if it wants to spend the night.
(This is an Important Clue: Althaea's slut-kitty never spent the nights
with her alternate people; she "asked to be let out" and they thought
she slept outdoors; actually she went home to Althaea's to sleep.) 

Once you are sure that the cat really consideres her- or himself "your"
cat and that all the humans in the neighborhood concur, make an
appointment with a good small animal veterinarian and get the cat
checked for disease, fleas, and, of course, spay-neutering, if needed. A
feline infectious leukemia shot is also a good idea. 

THEN you can consider that you have indeed found a familiar -- and a
friend for life! 

Oh, and familiars need not be black cats, of course -- nor only cats --
familiars are animals with whom one shares a spiritual, mystical, or
magical bond. 

I have a friend whose familiar is a giant red-blue-and-yellow macaw (a
kind of parrot-like bird).  

My husband siva's familiar is a black poodle-cross dog. She "found" him
in a storm and while she was outside the house waiting for him, he had a
dream of a big black woman (not "black" as in African-American, rather,
the colour black), which he took as a sign of the dog's connection with
the Hindu goddess Kali, who is often portrayed with black skin. He also
took finding the dog as a sign of his Satanism, since black poodles are
said in European myth to accompany or embody the Devil (Der Teufel) and
in India, a black dog accompanies the god Bhairava, a wrathful form of
the god Siva, who is the consort or husband of the goddess Kali. He
named her "Eris the Doggess of Discord," afer the ancient Greek Eris the
Goddess of Discord. Some of us call her "Fluffy." 

Good luck!

cat yronwode 

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