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FAQs/REFs and Levels of Adeptship

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Subject: FAQs/REFs and Levels of Adeptship (was Key Terms for Occult Searching ...)
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 19:24:55 GMT

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sri catyananda :
>For your files, dear one: 

thank you!

>How do you intend to use these, hon? Are you going to create an archive
>file or use them when replying to folks in usenet, or what? 

many FAQs (frequently asked questions) can be provided this information
as part of a "here's one (possibly incomplete, simple) answer, but if
you want more information these key terms will assist you in getting it!"

I used to think that question-sets would be best for this, elaborating
the details of a subject area without providing the discerning biases
of contending knowledge-bases and the factions which support them.
however, most people don't understand the value of question-sets, from
what I can tell, unless they come pre-pablumized with ready-made
answers! that is, too many questions daunts the untrepid explorer.

until a Student has graduated to the status of Philosophus (I'm now
co-opting the Rosicrucian and Goldawnian system for my own! Mwahaha!)
we cannot expect that such a question-set will do more than confuse
and perturb. the Student or Zealotor (characterized by eagerness
without development) asks after information, and particularly means
by which information may be acquired in a form assimilatable to hir
stage of development.

the key term set, therefore, provides the Zealotor with just such a
tool to obtain this abundance of information pertinant to hir interest,
but WITHOUT the constraining and dominating format of providing a
KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM which contains and defines it for others. we provide
the building blocks or compositional elements of a variety of knowledge
systems that utilize them so that the Zealotor may follow them out in
the worldwide web or within any responsible index or table of contents
in a reference text offline.

the format I have begun to use is derived from the headers to REFerence
files and FAQs in usenet, and looks like this:

     ------------------------------------------------------- begin FAQ FORMAT





		Key Terms: 

		Related Terms: 





     end FAQ FORMAT -------------------------------------------------------

and here's my revision for the Hermetic/Goldawnian/Thelemic offices to set
the stage for the usage of FAQs and REFs:

     MATRICULAR (formerly "Golden Dawn")
	0 Neophyte 
	 uninformed, uninterested, contemptuous, apathetic, or resistant

	I Zealotor
	 aggressively interested, consumptive, gullible, and accepting

	II Theoricus
	 comprehending of a single knowledge-system concerning the subject
	III Practicus
	 comprehending of a single practical system concerning the subject

	IV Philosophus
	 comparing and contrasting theoretical and practical systems

     SOCIETAL (formerly "Rosicrucian")
	V Adeptus Minor
	 capable of minor demonstrations for those of lesser rank
		("teacher's assistant")

	VI Adeptus Major
	 capable of managing a complete educational program
	VII Adeptus Exemptus
	 capable of providing one-to-one instruction on a case-by-case
	 basis outside the confines of an educational program
		("counsellor" and "reference librarian")

     INITIATORY (formerly "Silver Star")
	VIII Magister Templi
	 maintaining a structure of initiation whereby those who
	 come within hir sphere are inspired to similar endeavours	

	IX Magus
	 prophet catalyzing practical and theoretical revolution
	X Ipsissimus
	 transcendantal force of transformation


references such as FAQs and REFs are therefore of use to all
individuals beyond the grade of Neophyte (I), but the content
and spin of the material contained within them will pertain
to greater and lesser achievements. those expressing single,
biased systems can only be said to be that of the Practicus (III)
or below, while that which broadens the subject matter for the
apprehension of true diversity may even derive from such as
as the Adeptus Major (VI). beyond this level, expression tends 
to either be too personal (directed toward a specific student,
for example, in the case of the Adeptus Exemptus (VII)), or 
so revolutionary or ambiguous so as to at times hinder those
students unprepared for this level of discourse (to Ipsissimus (X),
whose expressions tend to be so simple as to resemble that of the
Neophyte or so ambiguous as to resemble seemingly unusable poetry).

blessed beast!

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