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Gradual Religious Eradication of Divination and Magic

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick,alt.divination,alt.tarot
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Gradual Religious Eradication of Divination and Magic
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 05:23:01 GMT

50040611 viii om! happy new year!

#>#> as part of religiopolitical contention, criticism of others
#>#> is a very valuable weapon not only in getting converts, but
#>#> also in coming to completely eradicate divination and magic.

Ayn Marx
#> How is it that criticism of others completely eradicates 
#> divination and magic.?  I'm missing something here.

out of context. the criticism is about morality. as long as the
proper religious sourcing isn't indicated, and remuneration for
the services and materials is condemned as immoral, fewer and
fewer 'proper' practical manifestations of divination and magic
may run without being harried, and the institions of religion
will support the harrier while, if the religion gains a good
foothold, the nonreligious will be 'driven out of business' 
as it were. 

circumscribed with greater and greater qualifiers, not only is
the competition required to convert or be overlooked, but emphasis
on specialists (e.g. priests) establishes a wider gulf between
practitioners and the arts themselves. moral qualms establish a
need to be pristine in approach to the Sacred Processes, and the
occult praxis disappears from the conventional arena until once
more undertaken by plebes outside the ecclesiastical edifice
who do not believe in the need for the carefulness contended
as required.

by this method do the occult arts begin to disappear and the
religions gradually displace them, on the back of criticism 
from the standpoint of morality and being on the God's team.

sri catyananda :
# Perhaps he means that magic and divination are believed by many 
# in the religious community to be opposing or competing systems 
# to religion 

arguably, they are such competition, but some religions are more
supportive of divination as a part of individual practices.

# and that persistent criticism of others from a religious 
# perspective is a technique used to eradicate discussion 
# of divination and magic? 

very much so. where well-placed, criticism may yield
refinement, of course, but when persistent, it tends 
to debilitate and truly erode fundamental inspiration.

# I don't know about "completely" -- i think that is 
# an overstatement -- but in alt.magick i for one have 
# witnessed personal criticisms (flames) based in 
# religious contention that lead to  drops in the 
# discussion of magic. 

I'm thinking more in terms of shifting language set
up to condemn as 'bad' a changing set of parameters
of practice, from "sorcery" and "sortilege" to
"black magic", "Low Magic" and the like, the 
slippery slope of denouncement reduces and reduces
until only the cult and the God condeming are left.

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