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Intelligent Demon-Summoning

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Subject: Intelligent Demon-Summoning
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:31:21 GMT

50030217 VII Happy Lunatix!  Hail Satan!

from private email:
> ...I saw [your] list of demons 

that would be:

	The alt.magick Demon REF (in progress)

or it could be
	Paul Harvey's 1996 Compilation of Demons

I like the first one more, though it is far from complete
(assistance in filling it out with citations welcome!).

> and I wanted to know how to summon them....

that depends on the particular spirit in question. some
of them are more attuned to different methods of summoning
than others (e.g. the situation of the summoner in terms
of geographical/environmental locale; the types of tools
used, like incense to be burnt, offerings to be given, or
sigils to construct for their invitation/containment).

you can get basic information from grimoires (spirit
directories like yellow pages, deciphering their special
cues and keys, plus recommended methods to summon them).
those such as the Lesser Key of Solomon (Goetia) have a 
widespread reputation but may be of questionable 
authenticity and power (because they were 
probably created by Christians thrillseekers).

there are popular authors (Savedow, Runyon, others) who will
provide for you their recommendations on the methods they'd
use to effect such a summoning, and these are for sale as we
speak at outlets like and Zshops (some in fact
older or harder to come by, like Goetias by Delaurence or 
Crowley, or redacted grimoiric material such as that 
provided an overview by Waite or Shah -- watch out for 
the missing parts which are supposed to 'protect you'!).


in general, the summoning of any spirit, god, demon, etc.,
should begin with formatting and orientation.


	prepare the magician and the area to receive the
	type of visitor invited. if the agent invited is
	antagonistic or unruly, be sure that you've got
	a proper cage/corral for the reception (e.g. the
	symbolic construct using your allies as guardians,
	or some kind of consecrated bottle or ring, etc.).


	situate the rite and magician properly for utmost
	leverage or advantage in areas deemed most in need
	of support or supplemental energy. if you're going
	to summon a demon, then be sure you have the
	decisive advantage unless you are on good terms
	with demons or this one in paticular. astrological
	(when the stars are right) and implemental 
	(wielding the proper tools of the art) advantage
	are two of the more common leverages here.

once preparation is complete and timing is decided, then the
mode of invitation must be discerned and effected. when I met 
with the Marshal of the Armies of Darkness as a means of
bringing the Banner of these Infernal Beings into line with
the defense of the wild, I prepared several weeks in advance
by issuing polite invitations through allies and vocalized
expression at intervals so as to properly notify the Officer
I'd invited for our High Level Counsel. this was sufficient
to make it possible for arrangements of travel and attention
undivided that the Marshal might delegate to my desires,
and for this reason I think our meeting went very well.

	invitation mode

	summoning adversarial energies (demons) to one's
	camp is a dangerous enterprise. for this reason,
	it is better to catch the combative and corrosive
	UNAWARES, trap them within a coercive mechanism
	whereby they will be constrained and convinced of
	your power (e.g. a power-sigil or magic box), 
	and wield pre-prepared Weapons of Power that will
	give no impression of weakness or lack of careful
	forethought. if the demon knows you're serious,
	they'll think twice before bucking your orders.

carefully plan as well the dissolution of the relation.
don't just work up the meeting and leave the departure
to chance. 

	plan of the encounter and departure

	write down whatever you think you will not remember 
	about the directions you plan to give (if any) and 
	the restrictions and codicils you intend to build
	into the instructions you provide to the spirit. 
	leave little room for interpretation or 
	misunderstanding, especially for those spirits who
	are more powerful and intelligent (those without
	intellect will only comprehend force and your best
	bet is to provide some kind of repercussion for
	failing to accede to your very simple instructions).

as always, be sure you know what you're doing, if possible.
consult with people who've gone before you, encountered the
being you're going to summon (unless you're some kind of
thrill-seeker mage -- good luck, if so). get some good
advice from those who consider with respect and/or fear the
beings you're trying to summon. learn what it is that they
think is likely the danger involved and cogitate on why it
may be that they have the relation they do with the beings
you're planning to summon. prepare for it if you are at all 
concerned, and probably best even if you are not.

only the most courageous or foolhardy set out to encounter 
the deepest and darkest forces of the universe, and the 
former do it with some good bit of study and basic ritual 
practice beforehand. learn the art from a variety of 
perspectives, get feedback from a number of quarters, and 
have a back-up plan in case what you thought was to be the
result fails to work out properly ('Escape Pod B'!).

blessed beast!

boboroshi at-sign Satanic Outreach Director
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