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Witch's Bottle

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From: eliza 
Subject: Re: Witch's Bottle (LONG)
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 06:18:33 -0500

Wow! I make a simple Witch Bottle post and it turns up all over the
newsgroups. Sorry everyone. *grins*
At my mom's farm, in Pennsylvania, she had found some old which bottles
within the farm house. Now, this house only dates back the the early
1800's. She has kept them in their little hiding place because she
doesn't feel right about moving them or destroying them. From what
little I know (and I'll attach the rest of what I do have on witch
bottles beneath this message), these bottles are mainly used for
protection. Now, you can change that around and create your own spells
using the bottle. A bottle for love, one (or several in my case) for
money, as a dedication of self to the Goddess or God, almost anything at
all. Imagine a binding spell using a bottle? *shivers* But I don't do
that sort of stuff. Too busy html-ing and gathering info.
Below is all I have on Witch Bottles sent through the list I run from
various people.
BB, eliza
Witches Bottles

This ritual is used to create a magical charm that will protect the
wearer from attack or harm by a witch. It must be created for a specific
person, who is the only person able to benefit from its magic. It must
be created in secret and in seclusion. The requirements are: A sturdy
pint bottle with a cork, lead to seal the bottle, a half pint of ram's
blood, three small iron nails, seven thorns, a pinch of salt, and hair
and nail clippings from the person seeking protection. All these are put
into the bottle, corked, sealed, and boiled on a fire at midnight while
the ritual is performed. The wearer of the bottle gets a +3 vs spell
magic and a +2 vs psionic attack, circle magic, rune/ ward magic, and
poison attacks from all witches. This protection also extends to witch
familiars and servants. These bonuses do not apply to any other attacks.
Witch's Bottle

To make a witch's bottle, you must first select the bottle you want to
use. Your bottle may be clear or tinted.If your working with a colored
bottle, choose a color that suits what you are doing. Tinted bottles are
great for spells that use color correspondence. Once you have a bottle,
wash it with warm soapy water, or cleanse it in the ocean. After you
have washed it magickly cleanse it, and bathe it in the light of the
full moon. When the Bottle is clean it is time to fill it. There are
alot of options when it comes to content, here are some examples....

To make a witch bottle to aid in grounding, fill the bottle with sand,
small rocks, granite, dust, and other such materials.Seal it with
colored wax or cork, and place it in wiew when it is to be available to

For protection from unfriendly forces, you can fill the bottle with very
sharp objects such as nails, pins, safety pins, and needles.

By collecting herbs, resin, leaves, roots, and spices and filling a
bottle with them, you ca concoct a wide variety of wards, spells, or
talisman. Add a base oil or cider vinegar and you have a wonderful gift
for your friends, ( these would inhance their magickal life as well as
their cooking) Iorn or other metal fillings can be used to create a
"magickal battery" or repository for specific sorts of working. Let the
fillings aquire a good charge from varios rituals and then use them in
divination or spell work.

You can also fill the bottle with a variety of flower petals selected
for their healing propetrys, attributes, or correspondences to planetary
or other forces. You may want to include a bit of alchohol, vinegar , or
olive oil to preserve the flowers.

Witch bottles are versatile, eminatley useful, and can be alot of fun to
make and share.

Author Edain McCoy's bit on Witch bottles.

"Bottles of earth are sometimes kept in Irish cottages because of an
ancient belief that evil spirits had to count all the grains of earth
before they could take up residence there..."

"This bottle is a container -usually glass jars- filled with various
items that symbolise protection to the maker. Broken glass, rosemary,
salt, vinegar, ashes, pins, alcohol, garlic, basil, dill, oak twigs,
needles, broom, nails, urine, saliva, and blood(yuk) have all been used
in witch bottles..."

"As you place each item into the bottle imagine how that item will
attack and destroy negativity. Picture the needles puncturing it, the
herbs diffusing it, the blood (or earth) grounding it, and the glass
cutting it..."

"When you have filled the jar with all the items you wish to include,
seal it and bury it outside your front door while visualizing the bottle
stopping the negativity which has been dogging you. After you bury the
bottle draw a banishing pentagram in the earth over it."

SPELL CRAFTS by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington

Spell Bottles:
Spell bottles, also known as "Witches Bottles", have been in use in
England and the United States since at least the 1600's. Spell bottles
were originally created to destroy the power of an evil magician or
witch thought to have cast a spell against the bottle's creator. They
were often ceramic vessels, filled with hair, nails, and even the
victim's urine. They were also walled up into new homes as magical
guardians. Spell bottles of this type continued to be used well into the
19th century. Spell bottles are apparantly of English origin. Still, one
example made from a glass wine bottle dated at 1740-1750 was found in
Pennsylvania in 1976. And so, such protective devices certainly found
their way from England to the United States with the colonists. Spell
bottles of the type described above are rarely if ever made today.
However, other forms are still in use. These consist of a container,
usually glass, filled with various objects of magical potency. Spell
bottles are made for a variety of purposes, and are used in numerous
ways. Some are hidden, while others are placed in windows of the home or
in other prominent spots. All are concentrations of energy, created and
empowered for specific magical purposes. We'll be giving you
instructions for making three spell bottles, but you can create many
other types devoted to a multitude of magical needs. You could make a
small spell bottle for your car, create and bury one in your garden for
good growth, place one in a sickroom to speed the return of good health,
and hang one near your pet's home. If, for some reason, your spell
bottle is broken, simply create a new one.

House Protection Spell Bottle
Since the earliest spell bottles were created for protection, it seems
fitting to begin with one made for this purpose. Ideally, such a bottle
will be walled up in a new home under construction, or placed under the
floorboards. If this is impossible, simply place it in a position of
importance somewhere in the home.
Items needed:
1 glass jar with cork stopper or lid (a small canning jar is fine)
1/2 to 1 cup salt (depending on size of the jar)
3 cloves garlic
9 bay leaves
7 TBS dried basil
4 TBS dill seeds
1 TBS sage
1 TBS anise
1 TBS black pepper
1 TBS fennel
1 bowl
In the morning, ideally on a bright and sunny day, assemble all items.
Place the salt into the bowl and say:
Salt that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add the cloves of garlic to the bowl and say:
Garlic that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Crumble the bay leaves, place in the bowl and say:
Bay that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add the basil and say:
Basil that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add dill and say:
Dill that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add the sage and say:
Sage that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add the anise and say:
Anise that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add the pepper and say:
Pepper that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Add the fennel and say:
Fennel that protects, protect my home and all within it.

Mix together the herbs and the salt with your hands. Through the
movement of your hands and fingers, lend energy to the potent protective
items. Visualize your home as a shining, safe, guarded, secure place of
sanctuary. Pour the mixture into the jar. Seal tightly and place in your
home with the following words:

Salt and herbs, nine times nine
Guard now this home of mine.

It is done.


Money Spell Bottle
Items needed:
5 old pennies
5 dimes
5 quarters (or, five each of three denominations of your country's coin
currency, if outside the United States)
5 kernels of dried corn
5 sesame seeds
5 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
5 whole allspice
5 pecans
Place each item into a thin, tall bottle, such as a spice bottle. Cap it
tightly. Shake the bottle with your projective hand for five minutes
while chanting these or similar words:
Herbs and silver,
Copper and grain;
Work to increase My money gain.

Place the money spell bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave
your prse, pocketbook, wallet and/or checkbook near the bottle when at
home. Allow money to come into your life.

It is done.

House Protection

Find a large bottle and stuff it with small pieces of thread of many
colours (except black). This project will probably take you many weeks,
since only small pieces of thread (one to three inches in length) should
be used, and each must be introduced into the bottle separately.

As you add each piece of thread, say something like the following:

Tangle the bane up!
Tangle the bane up!
Tangle the bane up!

When the bottle is full, cap and place it in a window, in the attic or
in a cupboard.

This is from Lady Dolphina:

In the time of kings and queens of Egypt, we find some of the first uses
of bottles. A bottle craftsman was kept at the temples just to create
them. As the pyramids and tombs were being made the craftsman was busy
making bottles. Some were for body parts so where then deceased was
reincarnated they would be sure to have human parts. Others were for
precious oils. These were for holiness and anointing and the reincarnate
would even have a supply for other workings as protection and love and
victory in battle. There were bottles for herbs. Most of these after
they were made were taken to the local wise one for chanting and spells.
All of these bottles once created were kept in a vault until the time of
death. THe more the bottles the more the power, and the reincarnate
would return stronger then before.

Most of the bottles were handmade out of clay. The ones that were to
contain body parts had herbs of protection blended in with the clay.
Taking after this fashion I have made several small bottles out of clay
using earth tones. I have blended corresponding herbs to my needs.
Leaving a small opening I fill with the requirements and seal shut. I
have used different shapes relating to need. Heart-Love round
circle-protection, body-health, flower-health of my herb garden,
key-prevent robbers. This is very soothing for me as I work the clay I
feel I am really putting my energies into it. I will also have the
corresponding incense burning as I make them. I play Dolphin sounds as I
may communicate my wishes better.

Mountain Magick:
When you go up in the hills of Tennessee you see alot of things in
bottles. Go to any antique store. They are every where. Most bottles
were used for potions. But just let someone get sick and watch how many
bottles appear. The contents are sprinkled on everyone and around the
house to prevent the spread of germs and sickness. As still today there
are not many Docs. in the hills. The bottle is then placed on the bed of
the ill and kept there until recovery. Once the person is well it is
their duty to take the bottle and bury it and the sickness where no one
will come in contact with it. One good sickness could kill a whole
family before the Doc. ever got there.

Slavery Times:
In the days of slavery on Plantations there was always a Mama. She was
the one who created the bottles. They were mostly for the protection
from the plantations owners. These were very small and sometimes made of
hollowed out reeds and sealed with sorghum sap. Personal items from the
owner were gotten from the house maid. While working the fields the
reeds would be dropped in the earth. Most of the people were migrant
workers and it really did not matter if the bottles were turned up the
following year during planting as another worker would kiss it and then
replant it. Alot of slaves were deathly afraid of spirits so there would
always be a bottle buried outside around in the camps. These are still
being found in the earth today.

Go to New Orleans and down any back alley and you can find someone
selling witch bottles. They refer to them as spells in a bottle. Most
are sold for the sake of money. Yet, there are those who will prepare
one just you you and your purpose. You might have to pay for the
instructions as well as the bottle but hey I would want to know what to
do with it. They also make small vials to wear around your neck with a
spell in them. I am guilty of this. I was going on a job interview and I
really really wanted the job. I had done all my homework through
divination and I knew that this was the one for me. So I set out to make
the job mine. You cant expect a spell to work if you dont do your share
of the work too. I studied the company's background and history.
Purchased the proper clothes. Made sure my resume was up to date.
Communed with my dolphin totems for speaking skills. Got a good nights
rest the night before. Made sure I had devotions before I left the
house. The only jewelry I wore was a small silver vial with a dolphin on
it. I had placed herbs, oils, a stone, and a piece of paper stating the
job was mine. Within 30 minuets into the interview, I was told that the
interview did not did to go any further as I was being offered the
position. When I got home I took the contents out of the bottles and
sealed them in a little black bag. I then placed then in a wooden box I
have that I call my thank you box. In here I place all things that have
come to past after giving thanks for positive results.

Things I have done with Bottles:
Handfasting gift: For someone within the Craft this is a very
sentimental gift. Select a beautiful bottle. Place in it the things that
represent love. Stones, crystals, herbs, flower petals,a pic of
Aphrodite, a rune. Also place in it something to be for, communication,
something for protection, unity, respect, honor, and anything else you
feel goes with a relationship.

You may even want to put a copy of the invitation if there is one. Seal
the bottle with red wax, Place a small gold cord around the neck with
your wishes on it. This well treasured as it holds a place in the new
couples home.

Other ideas for pagan gift: new baby - to be placed in the mattress of
the crib. dedication - blessing and good wishes to be placed on the new
students altar for a year and a day death of a loved one - memories to
cherish to be made at time of passing and used on Samhaim

This Is From Crystal Star:
Love Bottle:

Medium Clear Glass Bottle with a cork (one in the shape of a heart would
be appropriate if you can find one in a craft store)
Dried Rosepetals
Dried Lavender

Cleanse the bottle in any way you feel is appropriate, while cleansing,
have loving thoughts in your heart and mind. Take 3 fistfuls of dried
rosepetals and with each fistful, crush the petals between your hands,
feeling your love going into and empowering the petals and carefully let
them funnel into the bottle. Do the same with 3 pinches of lavender.
Next, fill the bottle with rosewater and imagine the bottle being filled
with love and all the wonderful things that come with it.

Cork the bottle and place it beside your bed on your nightstand or
table, or keep the bottle in any room that you want to have filled with
loving feelings.

Okay, so I couldn't paste all the info here without making this email
tooo long. If anyone can find anymore info on the witch bottles, I'd
love to hear it! -eliza

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