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Mage's Guide to the Internet , Version 2.0

Subject: Mage's Guide to the Internet (MaGI), Version 2.0 (LONG)
Date: 17 May 1994 13:41:52 -0500


          M       M                       GG         IIIIIIIII 
         M M     M M                   G      G          I
        M   M   M   M                 G                  I
        M    M M    M      aaaa       G     GGGG         I
        M     M     M     a   a       G     GGGG         I
        M           M     a   a       G        G         I
        M           M      aaaa       G        G         I
        M           M                   GGGGGGG      IIIIIIIII


The Mage's Guide to the Internet (MaGI)
Edited by Tyagi Nagasiva

This is Version 2.0, issued 940429.

The Mage's Guide to the Internet may be obtained at the 
following sites via anonymous FTP:  /coombspapers/otherarchives
		/e-resources/mages-guide-internet-v-2.txt  /pub/magick/Net/mage_guide2  /pub/caw/mage-guide2  /pub/Quartz/occult/mages-guide2  /pub/alamut/resources/mage_guide2.txt  /pub/magick/MaGI2

and on the following file sites:





I. Magick and Related

1. Message-based Connections (Email and Posts)
        PRIVATE EMAIL (Individuals and Groups)
                Listserv/Other (Email Groups)
                Usenet (Posts to Newsgroups)

2. Telnet Magical Links (Posts and Live)
        BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS (BBSs) (via Telnet) (Posts and Live)
        INTERNET RELAY CHAT (IRC) (Server via Telnet) (Live)
        MULTI-USER DIMENSIONS (MU*s) (Posts and Live)

3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)  (Files)
        SITE ADDRESSES (Files)

4. Other Servers (Files and Text)
        GOPHERS (Files and Text)
        WAIS - Wide Area Info. Service (Files)
        WFS - Waffle File Server (Files)
        WWW - World-Wide Web (Files and Text)

5. Epublications/Eguides (Miscellaneous)

II. Mysticism and Related

III. General


A. FTP File Structures

Magick and Related  /pub/Quartz/occult  /pub/magick  /pub/alamut/topy  /pub/magick  /Library/Fringe

Mysticism and Related   .../electronic-buddhist-archives  /pub/religion/pagan  /pub/religion/zen  /pub/dharma

B. The OMNet - Foundation Document

C. Divination Web II - Information



The production of the Mage's Guide to the Internet (MaGI) is currently 
the major function of the OMNet, the Occult and Mysticism Network, which 
works to facilitate the exchange of esoteric materials, especially 
those of a magical or mystical nature.

The OMNet is a nonsectarian organization and the MaGI serves the needs 
of those with particular as well as general interests, while it sets the
stage for interdisciplinary studies within the Internet and beyond.

With the advent of Mosaic and the World-Wide Web (WWW), it may become
easier to maintain a continually-updated version of this document,
accessible via Gopher, FTP and maybe even email-response.

As the OMNet grows in membership and activity, it will begin to support
other projects, such as coordinating between file sites and discussion 
groups.  See Appendix B for more information about the OMNet.

Version 2.0 of the Mage's Guide to the Internet does *not* replace
Version 1.0, though it supercedes it.  The reasoning behind this is that
Version 1.0 is *much* wider in scope, including quite a lot of information 
about diverse groups (e.g. Subgenius, Discordian, etc.) which Version 2.0 
bypasses completely in favor of the purposes and scope of OMNet.

If you have comments or queries regarding the *contents* of the MaGI,
please send email to the address below.  The OMNet is here to serve you,
the interested public, and so am I here to serve the OMNet.  

Yours faithfully,

Tyagi Nagasiva (
        Editor, Mage's Guide to the Internet (MaGI)
                ss, Occult and Mysticism Network (OMNet)

I. Magick and Related

1. Message-based Connections (Email and Posts)

PRIVATE EMAIL (Individuals and Groups)

These are individuals or groups who are representing some 
organization (O), publication (P), social or study group (S):

AutonomatriX, Guild of Chaos Magickians (O)
** (Tzimon Yliaster)

Occult and Mysticism Network (OMNet/MaGI) (O/P)
** (Tyagi Nagasiva, ss)

Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) (O)
** (Bill Heidrick, GTG; Internet contact)
** (Same as above; Secondary contact address)

Phanes Press (O)
** (David Fideler; Esoteric Studies, Publishing)

Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY; O)
** (!MaX! Delysid; USA; North American contact)
FTP:  /pub/alamut/topy


Listserv/Other (Email Groups)

Note for Mailing Lists

Unless otherwise specified, send the following one line email
message, making sure that he subject line is blank:




** Group Topic {2: Second List} (List Name; Extended List Name; Reference)
Subscription: subscription@email.address (alternate means of subscribing)
Reference: contact@email.address (Contact Name, Organization)
Additional references (FTP Sites, WWW, etc.)

** Astrology (ASTROL-L)
Subscription: listserv.brufpb.bitnet
Reference: (Merci Erskine-Richmond)

** Hebrew Language (HEBLANG)
Reference: (Yesod Aia)

** History and Theory of the Occult (ARCANA)
Subscription: (text: SUB ARCANA )

** Tarot and Qabalah (BOTA-L; Builders of the Adytum)
Subscription: (text: SUBSCRIBE BOTA-L )
Reference: (Andy Bender)

** Thelema
                        (subj.: SUBSCRIBE )
Reference: (Shawn Knight)

** Thelema {2}
Moderator: (Marianne Sarkis)

Usenet (Posts to Newsgroups)

**      alt.magick; FAQ: none (various posted subFAQs)
                EgyptianGodsFAQ; GoldenDawnFAQ; KabbalahFAQ
                Kreeping FAQ; Magick-oriented Fiction List, 
                NecronomiconFAQ, Old FAQ, SLOPOKE Overview
**      alt.magick.chaos; FAQ: posted
                Reference: (AShTON, Demon)

**      alt.astrology; FAQ: FTP - /pub/astrology
                Reference: (Maggie McPherson) 
**      alt.divination  
**      alt.dreams
**      alt.dreams.lucid
**      alt.folklore.herbs
**      alt.magic (STAGE MAGIC); FAQ: 4 Parts; posted
                Reference: (Michael Kamlet)
**      alt.necromicon {SIC}
**      alt.out-of-body
**      alt.tarot; FAQ: none
                TarotFAQ: (Mark Danburg-Wyld)

2. Telnet Magical Links (Posts and Live)

INTERNET RELAY CHAT (IRC) (Server via Telnet) (Live)


** Consistent: #magick; #omnet; #psimagick; #thelema
** Intermittent: #babel; #oto; #tarot


** Diversity University ( 8888)
Rooms: OMNet Node (#3517); Hall of Occult and Mystical Studies (#3328)
Reference: (Jeanne)

** Divination Web II ( 9393)
OMNet Node: create/connect; 'om'
Reference: (Hsi.Wang.Mu/Tyagi Nagasiva)

** LambdaMOO ( 8888)
Rooms: OMNet Node (#80167); Magic Dept. (#1401)
MOOMaillist: *psionics
Reference: (Lambda/Pavel Curtis)

3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (Files)



**  /pub/astrology
Reference: (Michael Bulmer)

General Occult/Magick
** (  /pub/Quartz/occult
Reference: (Paul Southworth)

** /pub/magick
Reference: (Ceci Henningsson)

**  /pub/magick
Reference: (John M. Blasik)
Mirror:  /pub/doc/magick

**  /Library/Fringe/Occult, Library/Fringe/Weird
Reference: (Thomas Dell)

Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY)
**  /pub/alamut/topy
Reference: (!MaX! Delysid)

4. Other Servers (Files and Text)

GOPHERS (Files and Text)

** /Library/Fringe
Reference: (Thomas Dell)

WWW - World-Wide Web (Login: www) (Files and Text)

Magick, General
Reference: (Shawn Knight)

5. Epublications/Eguides (Miscellaneous)

** The Dark Side of the Net (Various Fun Things)
Subscription: (text: SUBSCRIBE Dark Side )
Reference: (Carrie Carolin)

** Mage's Guide to the Internet (MaGI)
VERSION 1.0 (A Mage's Guide to the Internet - AMGI)
FTP:  /pub/Quartz/occult/mages-guide  /pub/magick/Net/mage_guide  /pub/alamut/resources/mageguide.930429


** Transmissions (Temple ov Psychick Youth, Epub)
Subscription: (!MaX! Delysid)
FTP:  /pub/alamut/topy/transmissions


II. Mysticism and Related

1. Message-based Connections (Email and Posts)

PRIVATE EMAIL (Individuals and Groups)

These are individuals or groups who are representing some 
organization (O), publication (P), social or study group (S):


Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions (AMER; O)
** (Chris Carlisle)

Bay Area Pagan Assemblies (BAPA; O - San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA)
** (Joe L. Reda, BAPA President)

Church of All Worlds (CAW; O/P)
** ('Green Egg' Magazine; 
                          Otter G'Zell, Publisher and CAW Primate;
                          Diane Darling, Green Egg Editrix)
** (Tom Williams, CAW President)
** (Joy Williams, Official Net CAWntact) 
FTP:  /pub/caw 

EarthSpirit Community (ESC; S)
** (Ted Thibodeau, Tech Guru)

Pagan Census Project (O)
** (Ted Thibodeau, Internet contact)

Pagan Educational Network (PEN; O)
** (Kris, Ithaca contact)

Ring of Troth (Germanic Paganism - Asatru) (O)
** (Al Billings AKA Grendel Grettisson)


Temple of Set (ToS; O)
** (ToS Executive Director)
** (Michael Aquino, High Priest)


Listserv/Other  (Email Groups)

Note for Mailing Lists

Unless otherwise specified, send the following one line email
message, making sure that he subject line is blank:



** Group Topic {2: Second List} (List Name; Extended List Name; Reference)
Subscription: subscription@email.address (alternate means of subscribing)
Reference: contact@email.address (Contact Name, Organization)
Additional references (FTP Sites, WWW, etc.)

** Buddhism, General (BUDDHIST)
Subscription: listserv@jpntuvm0.bitnet
Reference: kawazoe@jpntohok.bitnet (Yoshiyuki Kawazoe)

** Buddhism, Zen (The Universal Zendo)

** Buddhism, Zen {2} (ZENBUDDHISM-L)
                (subj: SUBSCRIBE ZENBUDDHISM-L )
Reference: (T. Matthew Ciolek)

** Carlos Castaneda
Reference: (Tony Sanders)

** Christianity, Anglican (ANGLICAN)
Subscription: listserv@auvm.bitnet
Reference: (Brian Reid)

** Christianity, Catholic (CATHOLIC)
Subscription: listserv@auvm.bitnet
~References: (Cindy Smith)
   (Charles Smith)

** Christianity, Eastern Orthodox (EOCHR-L)
Subscription: listserv@qucdn.bitnet
Reference: (Rhoda Zion)

** Christianity, Global (GLOBLX-L)
Subscription: listserv@qucdn.bitnet
Reference: vanloong@qucdn.bitnet (G. Vanloon)

** Christianity, Late Antiquity (ELENCHUS)
~References: (Gregory Bloomquist)
     (Kevin Coyle)

** Christianity, Liturgy (LITURGY)
Reference: (Michael Fraser)
Archives: (text: HELP)

** Christianity, Orthodox (ORTHODOX)
Subscription: listserv@iubvm.bitnet
Reference: (Rev Dcn Mark Gilstrap)

** Christianity, Visions (VISIONS)
Subscription: listserv@ubvm.bitnet
Reference: (Alexander Pruss)

** Contemplative Life, Thomas Merton (MERTON-L)
Subscriptions to
                (Ermel Stepp, Ex. Dir., The Merton Resch. Institute)

** Eckankar
Subscription: (text:  )
Reference: Russ.Button@Eng.Sun.COM (Russ Button)

** Gnosis/Marifat
Reference: (Dean Edwards)

** Hesse (HESSE-L; Herman)
Subscription: listserv@ucsbvm.bitnet
Reference: (Gunther Gottschalk)

** Judaism, First Century (IOUDAIOS-L)
Reference: (David Reimer)

** Judaism, General and Databases (JU-DA)
Subscription: listserv@barilvm.bitnet
Reference: (Uri. J. Schild)

** Judaism, Liberal (LIBERAL-JUDAISM)
Reference: (Daniel P. Faigin)

** Krishnamurti (LISTENING-L)

** Mind Machines (MIND-L)
Reference: (John Romkey)

** Neopaganism, General
Reference: (Stacey Greenstein)
FTP: (user:anonymous.pagan.archive.volumeN 
                                        [where N is 1-4])

** Neopaganism, General {2}

** Neopaganism, Germanic (Asatru) (TROTH; 'The Troth Line')
Reference: (Al Billings AKA Grendel Grettisson)

** Neopaganism, Solitary (BRANCH-D; Solitary Pagan Practicioner Digest)
Subscription: listserv@irlearn.bitnet
Reference: (Tannaqui Weaver)

** Philosophy, Ancient (SOPHIA)
Reference: (Stephen Clark)

** Philosophy and History of Western Traditions (ALEXANDRIA)
Subscription: (text: SUBSCRIBE ALEXANDRIA)
Reference: (David Fideler, Phanes Press)

** Philosophy, Blake (William)
                        (subj.: SUBSCRIBE )
Reference: (Seth T. Ross)

** Philosophy, General (and particular philosophers)
                        (text: SUBSCRIBE PHILOSOPHY )
                        (text: SUBSCRIBE <'philosopher'> )
                  (Philosopher examples: Aristotle, Emptiness [Buddhism]
                        Plato, Plato-Republic, Plotinus)
Reference: (Kent Palmer)

** Philosophy, Religious Epistemology (BRIDGE-L)
Subscription: listserv@ucsbvm.bitnet
Reference: (Bruce Schuman)

** Quakers (QUAKER-L; Religious Society of Friends)

** Religion, Feminist (FEMREL-L)
Subscription: listserv@mizzou1.bitnet
Reference: c497487@mizzou1.bitnet (Cathy Quick)

** Religion, General (RELIGION)
Reference: (Tim Bryson)

** Religion, Oral Traditions (ORTRAD-L)
Reference: csottime@mizzou1.bitnet (John Foley)

** Religion, Social Scientific Study (SSREL-L)
Reference: (Donald R. Ploch)

** Setianism: Moderated Temple of Set Discussion (XEPERA-L)
Subscription: (text: SUBSCRIBE XEPERA)
Reference: (John Youril)
FTP:  /pub/jyouril/tos

** Sufism (Sufi; Muslim)
                        (text: SUBSCRIBE SUFI )
Reference: (Kent Palmer)

** Sufism (Tariqas; Universal)
Reference: (Steve Habib Rose)
FTP Archive:  /pub/religion/tariqas

Reference: (T.Matthew Ciolek)

** Unitarian Universalists (UUS-L)
Subscription: listserv@ubvm.bitnet
Reference: (UUS-L Admin)

Usenet (Posts to Newsgroups)

**      alt.buddha.short.fat.guy
**      alt.consciousness
**      alt.folklore.gemstones 
**      alt.kali.astarte.inanna
**      alt.meditation
**      alt.meditation.transcendental
**      alt.pagan; FAQ: posted
                Reference: (Susan H. Kaczmarczik)
**      alt.philosophy.zen
**      alt.religion
**      alt.religion.all-worlds; FAQ: posted
                Reference: (William J. Graham)
**      alt.religion.gnostic
**      alt.religion.quaker
**      alt.religion.shamanism
**      alt.satanism; FAQ: posted
                Reference: (Lupo the Butcher)
**      alt.shamanism
**      alt.techno-shamanism 
**      alt.zen

**      soc.religion.bahai; Moderator:
**      soc.religion.christian; 
**      soc.religion.eastern; Moderator:
**      soc.religion.islam; 
**      soc.religion.shamanism; FAQ: posted
                FAQ.Reference: (Dean Edwards)

**      talk.philosophy.misc
**      talk.religion.misc
**      talk.religion.newage

2. Telnet Mystical Links (Posts and Live)

BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS (BBSs) (via Telnet) (Posts and Live)


** IscaBBS J/20 Bible & Christian Issues; 21 Paganism; 
                        168 Eastern Thought

** Prism Hotel BBS (login BBS): J/Metaphysics

** Quartz BBS (login: bbs): Religion Issues/Witches Brew
Reference: (Dave Pirmann)

INTERNET RELAY CHAT (IRC) (Server via Telnet) (Live)


** Consistent: #asatru; #atheism; #buddhist; #christ; #christian; #islam;
               #israel; #jesus; #gospel; #pagan; #scripture; #wicca

** Intermittent: #catholic; #church; #lord; #lucifer; #meditation; #moslem
                 #philosophy; #religion; #satan; #satanism; #tantra; #taoism


** Divination Web II ( 9393)
OMNet Node: create/connect; 'om'
Reference: (Hsi.Wang.Mu/Tyagi Nagasiva)

** MediaMOO ( 8888)
Rooms: MOOReligion Courtyard (#9571); OMNet Node (#9093)
MOOMail List: *Mooreligion
Reference: (Amy, Jaime/Amy Bruckman)

** ZenMoo telnet 7777 ( 7777) 
Reference: (C. Regis Wilson)
FTP: (  /ftp/pub/zenmoo

3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (Files)



Buddhism and Asian Religions
**  /coombspapers/otherarchives
Reference: (T. Matthew Ciolek)
Mirror:  /doc/papers/coombspapers/
Mirror:  /pub/wuarchive/doc/coombspapers/
Mirror:  /wuarchive/mirrors/coombspapers/
Mirror:  /pub/wuarchive/mirrors/coombspapers/
Mirror:  /pub/uunet/doc/papers/coombspapers/
Mirror:  /pub/doc/coombspapers

**  /pub/religion/zen
Reference: (Miekael Cardell)

**  /pub/dharma
Reference: (Barry Kapke, Director: DharmaNet)

Merton, Thomas (Merton-L Archives, Papers)
**  /pub/merton
                (Ermel Stepp, Ex. Dir., The Merton Resch. Institute)

** (user: anonymous.pagan.archive.volumeN 
                                        [where N is 1-4])
Reference: (Stacey Greenstein)

**  /pub/religion/pagan
Reference: (Ceci Henningsson)

**  /pub/caw
Reference: (Darren Stalder, Church of All Worlds)

Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)
**  /pub/quaker 
Reference: (George Amoss)

Religion, General
** (  /pub/religion
Reference: (Paul Southworth)

** (  /pub/doc/religion

**  /pub/religion
Reference: (Michael Strangelove)

**  /Library/Article/Religion; /Library/Religion
Reference: (Thomas Dell)

** (  /pub/Quartz/occult/set
Reference: (Paul Southworth)

**  /pub/jyouril/tos
Reference: (John Youril)

** /pub/magick/thelema/ToS
Reference: (John M. Blasik)
Mirror:  /pub/doc/magick/thelema/ToS

4. Other Servers (Files and Text)

GOPHERS (Files and Text)

Buddhism and Asian Religions
**  /Coombspapers FTP Archives (ANU)
                /otherarchives collection/Electronic Buddhist Archives
Archives: Taoism-Studies-L
Reference: (T. Matthew Ciolek)

Christianity, Catholic/Anglican
**  /Catholic File/ or /Anglican File/

Christianity, Liturgy
**  /11/Academic/P-T/Theology

** University of Michigan Library Gopher
        /humanities resources/philosophy and religion

Religion and Philosophy
**  /Religion and Philosophy
(Exhaustive collection of connections to any and every thing related 
to religion on the internet.)

Religion, General
**  /pub/religion
**  /Library/Religion
**  /obi/Zines/Thinknet

Religion, Study Groups
**  /Academic Depts/P-T/Theology/Theol. & Computers

Religious and Philosophical Studies
** North Carolina State University Library Gopher
        /library without walls/discipline specific study

Texts, Greek

Texts, Sacred
**  /Text Archives/Search Scriptures/
**  /Worlds of Sunsite/Religious Texts
**  /Wiretap Online Library/Religion ;
                /Electronic Books; /Fringe

WAIS - Wide Area Information Service (Login: swais) (Files)

Taoism (Taoism-Studies-L Archives)
COOMBSQUEST Social Sciences and Humanities Information Facility 
** ANU-Taoism-Studies-L 
Reference: (T. Matthew Ciolek)

WFS - Waffle File Server (Files)

Satanism (ToS)
** (The Brewers' Witch BBS)
NOTE: Put INDEX on one line and HELP on the next
the file server will send you a master list for the BBS
Use WFS to request all the TOS files in files/pagan/TOS
Reference: (Ld. Donal Dub)

WWW - World-Wide Web (Login: www) (Files and Text)

Christian, Catholic

Christian, General


Reference: (Feorag NiBride)

5. Epublications/Eguides (Miscellaneous)

** 'Contents' (Religion)
                        (text: SUBSCRIBE CONTENTS )
Reference: (Michael Strangelove)

** 'Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet...' (Online Religious Reference)
FTP: (  /pub/religion/
                        (text: SUBSCRIBE MYSTICS V1-TXT your name)
Reference: (Michael Strangelove)

** 'Gassho' (Buddhism)
FTP:  /pub/dharma/Gassho
Reference: (Barry Kapke, DharmaNet: Director)
Mirror:  /coombspapers/otherarchives

** 'Hindu Digest' (HINDU-D)
Subscripton: listserv@arizvm1.bitnet
Reference: (Raj Bhatnagar, Editor)

** 'New Age Journal'
Telnet: 2100  /11/collected/new_age

** 'Research on Contemplative Life: An Electronic Quarterly' (RCL)
FTP:  /pub/merton/RCL
                        (Ermel Stepp, Ex. Dir., The Merton Research Inst.)

** 'Yoga Journal'
Telnet: (login: enews) /2100/11/collected/yoga

III. General Information

1. Message-based Connections (Email and Posts)

PRIVATE EMAIL (Individuals/Groups)

These are individuals or groups who are representing some 
organization (O), publication (P), social or study group (S):

Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides (O)
** (Louis Rosenfeld)

PUBLIC GROUPS (Email and Posts)

Listserv/Other  (Email Groups)

Note for Mailing Lists

Unless otherwise specified, send the following one line email
message, making sure that he subject line is blank:


** Electronic Publications List (AARPUB-L): listserv@jpnimrtu.bitnet
** Medieval TeX - Philology, ... (MEDTEXT): listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet
** Rare Books and Spcl. Collections Frm. (EXLIBRIS): listserv@rutvm1.bitnet
** Society for Literature and Science (LITSCI-L): listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet

Usenet (Posts to Newsgroups)

**; FAQ: Posted
**      alt.irc; FAQ: Posted

**      news.announce
**      news.answers (FAQs posted from Usenet groups)

Post to Usenet via Email
        (E.g. post to "alt.test": address your message to:'.  Replace all periods 
        (.) with dashes (-) in the newsgroup name, e.g. alt.test 
        => .   

2. Telnet General Links (Posts and Live)

INTERNET RELAY CHAT (IRC) (Server via Telnet) (Live)

Intermittent: #pov; #think


** PostModernCulture-MOO (PMC-MOO) ( 7777)
Rooms: OMNet Node (#116)
Reference: (Bingo)

3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (Files)


FTP via email (Send text "Help" for additional instructions)
** with a subject of anything and a message

Internet Information Guides and FAQ Files
** sunsite.unc. edu

Philosophy, General
** /obi/Zines/Thinknet
Reference: (Barry Shein)

4. Other Servers (Files and Text)


Gopher by Email
** mail
** mail
** mail

WWW - World-Wide Web (Login: www) (Files)

General Telnet WWW Sites

Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
Reference: (Louis Rosenfeld)

5. Epublications/Eguides (Miscellaneous)

Telnet from:

** Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
FTP:  /pub/network/zen-internet.txt




Magick and Related

** ( /pub/Quartz/occult
Reference: (Paul Southworth)

Files ending in .z or .gz are compressed with GNU Zip.
If you need GNU Zip, look in the directory "/gzip".

This is a mirror of the anonymous ftp archives on
Since the quartz server is very busy, getting the files here will take load
off their system and probably be faster anyway.  This directory is
incrementally updated weekly.

DIRECTORY:  /pub/Quartz/occult/
Subdirectories: crowley/; magick/; set/


Reference: (Ceci Henningsson)

Please note that this server is located in Linkoping, Sweden.

Our site uncompresses compressed files if you state the file name
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DIRECTORY:  /pub/magick/
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        Consciousness/; Enochian/; General/; Golden_Dawn/; Mysticism/; 
        Necronomicon/; Net/; Ordo_templi_orientis/; Orgone_committee/; 
        Qabalah/; Rituals/; Tantra/; Tarot/; Thelema/; Topy/; Truth/


(Temple ov Psychick Youth)

Reference: (!MaX! Delysid)

DIRECTORY:  /pub/alamut/topy/
Among many textfiles, Subdirectory: transmissions/


Reference: (John M. Blasik)
Mirror:  /pub/doc/magick

DIRECTORY:  /pub/magick
Subdirectories: INCOMING/; fonts/; gifs/; hermetica/; magick/; 
        misc/; new/; qabalah/; seals/; thelema/

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Subdirectories: AOSpare/; Chaos/; Crowley/; Other/

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Reference: (Thomas Dell)

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DIRECTORY:  /Library/Fringe
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Mysticism and Related

(Buddhism and Asian Religions)

Reference: (T. Matthew Ciolek)

Welcome to Coombs Anonymous FTP service. -=-

DIRECTORY:  /coombspapers/otherarchives/electronic-buddhist-archives/
Subdirectories: buddhism-general/; buddhism-theravada/; buddhism-tibetan/; 
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B. The OMNet - Foundation Document

OMNet, the Occult and Mysticism Network

_Foundation Document_, dated 940320 (Equinox)


The purposes of this organization shall be to facilitate public access
to occult and mystical documents and social groups, and to promote
interdisciplinary information exchange.


For the purposes of this organization, the terms 'occult' and 'mysticism'
shall be defined as follows:

By 'occult' we shall mean any discipline of Divination (such as chiromancy,
cartomancy, necromancy, etc.), Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy, Qabalah,
or Ritual Magick.  It shall not include such things as Psychicism,
Spiritualism, Fortune-telling, Herbalism, Hypnotism, or any of the various 
forms of Therapy or Massage.

'Mysticism' shall include disciplines of Liberation, Awakening, Purification,
those involving a direct relationship, or unification, with 'the divine',
etc., especially as separate from any religious systems in which they may
be found.  It may also tangentally include attendant philosophy or
mythology which serves as an underpinning, result or functional mechanism
of any mystical discipline.


The context of initial activity shall be what is popularly called 'the
Internet' or 'cyberspace', and it shall consist of maintaining and
revising the document which has been released as 'the Mage's Guide to
the Internet'.

Subsequent efforts may include the establishment of a membership
(organizations, individuals) based upon participation in fulfulling
the purposes of OMNet.

Other possible activities may include the establishment of a mechanism
by which various groups within the Internet (and perhaps later, society
at large) may be monitored, with pertinent documents combined, distributed
to membership and made available to the interested public (such as through
the distribution to ftp sites).


Should the usefulness and success of this organization allow, OMNet shall
extend itself beyond cyberspace and become a legal entity, serving
nonprofit, educational purposes if and as so dictated by its administrators.

THE ss (subservant)

OMNet shall be represented by its subservant (ss), initially Tyagi Nagasiva,
who shall, while adhering strictly to the purposes stated above, meet the
needs and directives of the membership.  Should the membership be without
unified voice or resolved authority, then the ss shall be vested with the
power to decide any particular issue after a reasonable period of discussion
has concluded (as determined by the ss).

Aside from dismissal or undue hardship, the membership shall assign the ss
to any task within OMNet that they feel is appropriate, except where this
assignment would compromise the ss' ability to faithfully and accurately
represent OMNet to the public at large.

The term of office for the ss shall be life or until that individual sees fit
to burden another with said responsibility.  The ss shall appoint and/or
employ any needed assistants to perform the duties laid out above in service
to OMNet and its membership.

The ss has absolutely NO authority with regard to membership decisions,
with the exception of unresolved authority as stated above, though if the
membership so wishes it, it may consult with the ss as per its needs/desires.

When no membership exists beyond that of the ss, then that individual
shall determine the precise nature of 'best service' in regards fulfilling
the purposes of OMNet above.  In this circumstance, the ss shall take
whatever measures are necessary for the preservation of the sanctity of
the organization.


The membership shall initially be a consensus-based structure that may
reform itself into any political edifice which it agrees shall best serve
the purposes of the OMNet.  By 'concensus-based' we mean that all
members must understand and assent to actions taken by the whole.

Subsequently, any ambiguity of authority that cannot be resolved by the
membership (as described above) shall be adjucated by the ss, and this
is the only official role which the ss may take in the political structure
of the organization aside from advisor, counsel, and representative.

The membership decides to become a monarchy.  All membership accepts a
'King and Queen' to rule them.  At some point a member questions the
legitimacy of this rulership and the authority of the regents.  There is
discussion and the dissenting member is not persuaded.  The ss then
hears both cases and decides as to the legitimacy of the regents.

Should any membership structure collapse, then it shall revert to a
consensus-based organization once more.

Other details of organizational structure are to be defined and handled
by the membership as it sees fit.

Method of becoming a member
Membership status differences and authority for each
Responsibility and roles of individual members beyond that outlined above

Tyagi Nagasiva
OMNet subservant                        [MEMBERSHIP as of 4/29/94 : 5]

C. Divination Web II - Information

Those Crafty Arachnids are at it again!

                                Just in time for Beltane too.


                   \   |   /

                  --  I I  --     Telnet to ' 9393'

                   /   |   \

The _only_ Mu* dedicated to occult and spiritual interests.
Not only are there cool people to meet there, but you can:

* - network and play in the medium of a nifty TinyMuck (with variant FB code!)

* - construct your favorite symbol-system (and walk through it afterwards!)

* - build an esoteric text-visualization (perfect for instruction/practice!)


* - experiment with such things as cyber-ritual and cyber-religion.

Drop by and check it out.  Contact the email address below for additional
information regarding building and programming.  After you've connected
and created a character, type 'notices' and read what others have to say.

                        DIVINATION WEB II

                        Where the reality is less virtual
                                                than you may think!


============================== FIN ===============================


(C) 1994 Tyagi Nagasiva (Issued 940429, Version 2.0)

No compensation has been required for creating this publication.
It was, unless otherwise indicated, entirely my construction and is, 
as are all of my generatons, the property of my Order (KAos).



The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code)
governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted

Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives
are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of
these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not
to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or
research."  If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or
reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be
liable for copyright infringement.



First I'd like to thank the forefathers of this guide, Scott Yanoff, whose
'Special Internet Connections' I continue to use for reference, and
Michael Strangelove, whose _Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet..._
inspired this document's title and gave much seed data from which the
first Version (1.0) was produced.  

Secondly, I'd like to thank all of the many wonderful reference contacts
who make up this Mage's Guide.  Most have been very patient with my last-
minute screams for tiny bits of addresses, forgotten questions, lost
files, etc.   Among those who provided repeated resource were Bruce
Dienes, who gave me the push I needed with Listserv; Dean Edwards,
who gave me inside information on many different email lists, and
T. Matthew Ciolek, who masterminds a mammoth Asian reference without 
which the Internet would seem almost barren.

I'd also mention the valiant efforts of Peggy Brown and Andrew Haigh.
Peggy is my Mistress and a Networker Supreme.  Andrew worked quite
hard on a complete, annotated listing of the 'Slopoke' FTP Occult
files and I ended up not using them, even though I'd requested that
he rush to completion.  I hope that his document is utilized and very
often, since it is a badly needed map of a dense file site.

Lastly but certainly not least I am most truly grateful to my Abyss,
Lisa Karpinski, who supported me through the labors, and Kali, whose
strength and wisdom I have never known to fail.  Aum Mahakali!


Editor's address:

Tyagi Nagasiva
House of K@s
871 Ironwood Dr.
San Jose, CA  95125-2815

___________________________________________________ END OF LINE

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