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Mystical Messiahs

To: alt.magick
From: (Robert Scott Martin)
Subject: Re: Mystical Messiahs
Date: 14 Jul 2003 20:50:16 -0400

In article ,
Jean-François D.  wrote:

>As far as the Elemental colors go, we've flogged this horse near into
>perfection in this ng


I'm saddened that talk of the Green Man failed to catch fire here, but 
there you go. 

"KHEZR, the Hidden Prophet, the Green Man, King of Hyperborea, wily 
servant of Moses, trickster-cook of Alexander, Khezr who drank fro the 
fountain of life in the Land of Darkness. Flowers and herbs spring up in 
his footsteps and he strolls across the water, walking toward Ibn Arabi's 
ship, coming closer; his green robe trailing on green waves -- or perhaps 
woven of waves. Or Khezr appears in the desert with water and initiation 
for the masterless ones, the mad and blameworthy, the unique ones. 'And 
three things of this life are worthy of the Glance: water, green things 
and a beautiful face.'" (Peter Lamborn Wilson, SACRED DRIFT)

Elias Artista, hidden master, patron of alchemy. Knight of Infinite 
Silence and Faith.

"The Arabic word for chivalry is akhdar, which also means 'fine woman' and 
derives from the root KHDR. There are many other derivations from this 
root, including Khidr, patron saint of the Sufi groups known as halkas, or 
circles of thirteen. Khidr is identical with St. George, who originated in 
Persia and was adopted sometime around 1350 as patron saint of the 
imitative [sic -- "initiative"?] chivalric Order of the Garter under King 
Edward III. ... The name of the Sufi saint Khidr also means 'the Green 
One' -- green being the Sufi traditional color signifying initiation. It 
is worth recalling here that followers of the semi-legendary Robin Hood 
who, in some versions, is seen as leader of a secret, chivalric or 
humanitarian vigilante group, in others as the head of a witch coven, were 
said to have adopted Lincoln Green as the color of their dress." (Kenneth 

You and I are not compatible, for you have drunk long draughts of the 
water of immortality so that you will always exist, and I wish to give up 
my life.

"Some have identified Khezr with St. George -- but he might more 
accurately be seen as both St. George and the dragon in one figure. 
Nature, for esoteric Islam, does not need to be PINNED DOWN like some 
biology specimen [or La Aguilera, Fighter] or household pest -- there 
exists no deep moral struggle between Nature and Order in the Islamic 
worldview. The 'spirits' of Nature such as Khezr and the djinns -- who are 
in a sense the principles of natural power -- recognize in the Muhammadan 
Light that green portion of the spectrum upon which they themselves are 
situated." (Wilson)

Little green men? Green dragons, green lions, green gold, green fruit!

"When you collect marine animals there are certain flat worms so delicate 
that they are almost impossible to capture whole, for they break and 
tatter under the touch. You must let them ooze and crawl of their own will 
onto a knife blade and then lift them gently into your bottle of sea 
water. And perhaps that might be the way to write this book -- to open the 
page and to let the stories crawl in by themselves." (John Steinbeck, 

The triple goddess, white red and black so beloved by Robert Graves and
neopagans has a fourth face. She is sometimes white, sometimes red,
sometimes black but she is always green, always herself when the masks
come down.

"Nostoc. This cryptogam[1] which rural people well know, is found all over
the country [FRANCE], sometimes on the grass, sometimes on the bare earth, 
in fields, beside paths, on the edge of woods. In the early morning in 
spring you will find masses of it, swollen like the morning dew. These 
plants, which are jelly-like and trembling -- hence the French name 
Tremelles -- are usually greenish and dry up so rapidly under the action 
of the sun's rays that it is impossible to find any trace of them, even on 
the spot where they had opened out only a few hours previously. The 
combination of all these characteristics -- sudden appearance, absorption 
of water and swelling, green color, soft and glutinous consistency -- have 
prompted the philosophers to take these algae as the hieroglyph of their 
Matter." (Fulcanelli, CATHEDRALS)

The saxifrage:

Her new boyfriend read auras, or claimed to. We stayed up late, the three 
of us, talking and drinking Bud Light, a six pack apiece. He confesses 
that my aura is apparently unusual, it is a cornerless blue like the sky 
except when I turn in her direction, at which point it becomes a green 
like sunlight through leaves. "Just like hers," he says. He jumps. "It 
just flashed white," he says. It won't happen again, I say, last one out 
turn out the lights. And then I start to cry.

Let Lamborn Wilson pick up the aria, writing in 1993 about events that
took place exactly one turn of Jupiter ago, summer of the aura:

"The West now no longer takes itself seriously as Champion of God, and
speaks instead of Capital, Family Values, New World Order. As for Islam,
it sometimes seems to want to represent itself as an emaciated parody of
itself, stripped of all organic subtlety, 'purified' to the point of 
mindlessness. The recent Nintendo War in the Gulf was a struggle between 
two commodities, not two ideals -- pure spectacle, two ignorant armies 
clashing by the light of a flickering cathode...."

Orgone is blue
dilly dilly
lavender's green

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