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Planetary Sequences in Magic/Religion

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From: lorax666 
Subject: Planetary Sequences in Magic/Religion
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 01:39:48 GMT

50031015 viii om

lorax666's signature file included:
#>      ===========================================================
#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====
#>       ANCIENTS : M-2-3-1-5-6-7 (mean terracentric motion order)
#>        NIGRIS  : 2-1-6-M-3-5-7 (a mysterious, hidden sequence!)
#>       WEEKDAYS : 1-M-5-2-6-3-7 (weekdays in the solar calendar)
#>      ===========================================================
#>       PLAN-KEY : 1-2-3-M-5-6-7 (Sun-Merc-Ven-Moon-Mars-Jup-Sat)
#>      ========== (Rotating Wisdom From The Ancients!) ===========
#>      ===========================================================

note the modern astronomical cipher: 

          1=sun,  2=merc, 3=venus,   4=earth, 

          M=moon, 5=mars, 6=jupiter, 7=saturn.

note also that this can be expanded to include *11* (or even
          *12* if one includes the Oceanids between 5 and 6! 
          to make a 1-to-1 mapping between Planets and Signs!

Goddess of Groundhogs :
# Could you take a minute and explain this, lorax? Thanx

explained and elaborated upon here for the interested.

#>      ===========================================================
#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====
#>       ANCIENTS : M-2-3-1-5-6-7 (mean terracentric motion order)

'Ancients' above (aka 'The Ancient Order of the Planets' or
                       The Chaldean Order of the Planets') -- 

the 'Chaldean Order of the Planets' (the 7 visible Planets)
is an old magical symbol-structure keyed to the astronomical
observation of the night sky whose sequence is derived from
the apparent motion of the various celestial 'movers' (i.e.
'planets'), from our satellite Moon and stellar Sun to 
Saturn and others orbiting Sol).

this sequence is identical to the 'spheres' presumed to 
be surrounding Terra in a geocentric and pre-Copernican 
cosmos and was the basis for most Middle-Eastern and hence 
European magical systems reflected in such classic texts
as Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" from which
so many ceremonial (and Neopagan) religious get our ideas
about symbolism, especially astrological but also alchemical
and within other applications. Agrippa and others often
proceed inward from Saturn in this sequence when relating it
(i.e. Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon).

#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====

the "Skip-1 Formula!" which I am pointing out is a means of
deriving the Weekday Sequence (see below) from this quite
traditional cosmologic symbol-set, PLUS revealing a hidden
order concealed within this age-old symbol-set!

in brief, start with the Ancient Order of the Planets 
(esp. as presented from M(oon) to 7(Saturn)) and successively 
skip one in order to derive the intermediary ('Nigris') 
sequence. this is called the Nigris Sequence because of the 
Magus who has pointed it out to the world as the *only other 
possible configuration of these 7 Planets derivable from the 
Order of the Ancients in a septagram -- something that
ceremonialists and magicians of the past enjoyed doing,
but they did not, as far as I can determine, identify 
this sequence in their primary works in any direct way.

thus skipping M we obtain 2, skipping 3 we get 1, etc.
in a circular return, until the Nigris Sequence is 
obtained thus:

                ANCIENTS   =>    NIGRIS
                   M               2
                   2               1
                   3               6
                   1               M
                   5               3
                   6               5
                   7               7 

#>        NIGRIS  : 2-1-6-M-3-5-7 (a mysterious, hidden sequence!)

the implication of the Nigris Sequence is as yet undetermined.
it is the only other sequence derivable (along with their
reverses) from the Chaldean Order of the Planets of old. that it 
begins with Mercury rather than Sun (Weekday) or Moon ('Chaldean') 
is indicative of its potential magical value (Mercury is the god
of magic, and this hidden sequence may yield greater power).

#>       WEEKDAYS : 1-M-5-2-6-3-7 (weekdays in the solar calendar)

applying the same Skip-1 formula, the Nigris Sequence may be
used to derive the Weekday Sequence. skipping 2 we obtain 1,
skipping 6 we get 6, etc. in a circular return, until the
Weekday Sequence is obtained thus:

                 NIGRIS    =>   WEEKDAYS
                   2               1
                   1               M
                   6               5
                   M               2
                   3               6
                   5               3
                   7               7 

#>      =====  (Planetary Order Talisman --- Skip-1 Formula!) =====

#>      ========== (Rotating Wisdom From The Ancients!) ===========

I constructed the Planetary Order Talisman as a .signature file in
order to publicize this esoteric secret to the magicoreligious
communities online. it is keyed to both esoteric (e.g. Agrippan)
and mundane (solar calendar, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday=>Saturday)
contexts. the method of derivation may be simplified by mapping
these to a septagram/heptagram (7-pointed star), and the Nigris
Sequence is a unique discovery (along with its reverse) which I'd
like to make available to the esoteric community of modern times.

it is very easy to start with any of these sequences and derive
the rest in a variety of skipping methods. I have presented here
what I think will be the easiest to apprehend without septagraphic
stars (which I may later compose for explanation purposes). thanks
for your interest! pass it on!

blessed beast!

-------------------------------------------------------- UNLESS
hey, somebody's gotta talk for the beasts.

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