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Planetary Sequences in Occultism

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Planetary Sequences in Occultism
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:50:35 GMT

50030929 viii om

Joseph Littleshoes :
# ...I have
# recently been playing around with "Chiro"s" numeralogical attributions
# for the planets.  As it applys to palmestry, yes, but also as i find 
# him to have at least in his own mind created  a coherent system of
# correspindencies that he seems to be satisfied with.
# I am uncomftorble in his system with the lack of a "0" however im
# working on rectifying that.

what is it about a 0 that intrigues or inspires? we're talking about
trump-numbers, right? my understanding is that these have varied
through the years and that the older trumps either had no numbers at
all (something I've adopted and I suggest that effectively Crowley
also did in abandoning the Roman Numerals), or they started at 1 and
proceeded to XXI (the Fool or Excuse being unnumbered).

the introduction of the 0 allowed placement of the Fool at 0 before
the Magus, but without Roman Numerals or ignoring them, then there
is no necessity to include any 0 at all. personally I prefer to use
a blank as an Excuse, letting (occult) Tarot include the Fool *as*
as trump, but this is mostly a means to obtain a 26-letter correlate
with Z=BLANK.

# I am tempted to place pluto in the "0" position as the outer limits of
# the solar system and thereby being indicative of the innermost, as above
# so below, etc,  etc,,  but while i have no  problem giving mercury over
# to the  number  1 position and the solar sphere to number 6 i am stll,
# releatively speaking at a loss for "0" .

interesting ideas. I suppose that in some measure it will depend what
you're attempting to achieve.

# I refrain here from making the type of list you are so very good at, 
# but if any of this interests you i could make the attempt.

# 0=whatever
# 1=mercury
# 2=venus
# 3=earth
# etc.  etc.
# or leave earth out and give either the moon or mars the 
# 3rd number, though im more comftorble giverning the 
# moon 3, earth 4 and mars 5.

Planetary sequence in occult data is something that I've 
been fascinated with for years, but I haven't found any
justification for the Sequence of the Ancients, or the
Weekday Sequence (which may be obtained by placing the
Ancients Sequence on a septagram and following connects),
or the Nigris Sequence (discovered through the method as
described above but the third possible variant omitting

I don't notice, for example, that it coincides with the
pre-Copernican concentric-sphere cosmology, though I'm
not completely conversant with it and might be in error. 

a strong alternative is precisely to what you are 
pointing: namely the astronomical sequence from Sol,
which is to what I attempted to 'correct' the trumps 
after the Golden Dawn tradition by adding some trumps
to accomodate the newly-discovered planets (others
have removed the Elements to facilitate this).

in such a case, the question immediately becomes: why
6=sun? occultists have, after neo-Kabbalists, assigned
6 to Sun with Tiphareth, but I don't see the logic in
going partway to astronomy and letting some stay with
thematic assignment in sephiroth. as such there seems only 
two possible sequences here (I'm ignoring 0 as a peculiarity 
which doesn't really apply to material bodies):

	1. Sun 		Sun
	2. Mercury 	Mercury
	3. Venus 	Venus
	4. Earth        Moon
	5. Moon		Earth
	6. Mars		Mars
	7. Jupiter	Jupiter
	8. Saturn	Saturn
	9. Uranus	Uranus
       10. Neptune	Neptune
       11. Pluto	Pluto

and I've considered whether or not to include the Asteroid
Belt (which I like to called Oceanids :>) between 6 and 7.

there is also the order of magic squares that has 3=Saturn
from Agrippa that the GD mapped to sefirotic tree circles.
the logic of this is founded on the Ancients/Weekday/Nigris


here's the set for our reference (Sun-initiated):

     Ancients Sequence (usually starts with Moon)
	Sun / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn / Moon / Mercury / Venus
     Weekday Sequence (usually starts with Sun)
	Sun / Moon / Mars / Mercury / Jupiter / Venus / Saturn

     Nigris Sequence (usually starts with Mercury)
	Sun / Mercury / Saturn / Mars / Venus / Moon / Jupiter
are there any other logical *or* traditional Planetary Sequences
that occultists use or have used? these could be mapped to 
sephiroth (as traditional, or novelly) straight through to the 
false Da'ath, and they can be applied in some series to the 
tarotic Trumps.


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