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Renewing Practice

To: alt.magick
From: 333 
Subject: Renewing Practice (was Dry Spell Query?)
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 06:26:18 GMT

50000421 IVom

> > When one is experiencing a significant 'dry spell', when even 
> > basic practices seem intollerable, how does one jumpstart back 
> > into full work?

cut back further. strike at your personal activities until there
is so much extra time left that you are incredibly bored. destroy
distraction. depart from those who talk too much. avoid time-sinks
like media-programming devices (television, radio, internet). sit
and read. if this does not inflame, read only small amounts about
practice, even if it is theory underlying the practice. 

being imbued in the practical environment can be extremely helpful.
living with people who are full of practical activity can inspire.
spending time around those who are open in discussing practice and
diligent about their practice can be helpful also.

breaking up the routine is a good bet for allowing the dynamic
quality to resurface. change schedules of waking and sleeping if
this is possible. change diet, speech patterns, living place,
jewelry, clothing, beliefs, name, job, lovers, anything or 

> > What have members of this list done to reinvigorate their 
> > daily work?

I haven't always found that daily work was valuable. when I was
interested in that, I found that a special place designated for
magical activity (which I called something specific, though this
changed -- the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Space Room, the Temple)
was quite helpful. constructing it set the stage, routinely
entering into it (sometimes with rites of entry and departure)
for mystical and magical activities was also beneficial. timing
the work to be repeated each day at a specific time helped me
out also, such as between rising and departing for employment,
or after returning home but before dinner. observing my condition
during such practice was just as important. sluggishness or a
condition of irritation (due to not having had enough down time)
was sometimes dissuasive of continued diligence.

2 years ago I undertook a complete (first significant geographical 
move) change of residence, intending to lay the groundwork for a 
new stage of my life and magical activities. at that time I 
suspended all my disciplines, many of which I had escalated for 
more than 10 years, inclusive of a variety of ascetic restraints, 
regular rituals, and even dietary observances. since that time 
I've watched the result of a lack of these disciplines, enjoyed
a few stray rites and occasional enthusiasms for discipline and
ritual routine come and go, and have read signs and omens that
indicated the wisdom of resuming or innovating new routines.

I find that resumption of routinized ritual or mystical acts is
facilitated, as I mentioned above, at a time of suspension or
disruption of ordinary schedules. on holidays, immediately
after celebrations, posterior to momentous and emotional events
such as the visit of someone inspiring to me or consumption of
psychoactives that impact my malleability and break me out of
my structured lifestyle (often necessitating some kind of
energy anyway to resume ordinary scheduling and activity).

very likely my personality style has something to do with the
approach I find works best for integrating new practical
elements into my life. I tend to try to set things up around
me such that I have to put little energy into memorizing or
attending to the details of my surroundings other than that
which I *like* to attend. everything else I prefer to routinize
and handle subconsciously (often by temporal or sequential
cues). in this way in order to integrate something new into
the entirety I have to kind of suspend the process, tossing
it up in the air for a brief duration, inserting at proper
points the novel element and then focussing intently on the
initial continuation of the routine until it becomes 'second
blessed beast!
I don't read everything here; cc me if you absolutely want a response.

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