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Signs Preliminary to Ritual

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.lucky.w,alt.magick
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Signs Preliminary to Ritual (was Mental Barriers ...)
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 05:31:30 GMT

50020108 VI! om

Apollyon asks the general assembly:
>>> Have (or did) any of you encounter mental barriers when attempting
>>> to practice magick?

nagasiva responds:
>> many, especially initial. I've also called off rituals because signs
>> were not *right* for them, even many times in succession, waiting for
>> the proper configuration of symbols, numbers, etc.

"Asiya"  follows up adroitly:
> Can you clarify, what kind of signs? Thanks.

it is a combination of attended events and objects and what level of
focus they demanded and what contextual relevance they assumed in my
field of consciousness. it is difficult to describe outside specific
circumstances with particular examples, but I'll try.

my focus of attention and items as they arise in the background are
compared against one another for significant comparison. for example,
my partner and I are considering our preparedness for the upcoming
ritual celebrating our arrival at our new home. I notice, alarmingly,
that she has not come anywhere *near* to completion of unpacking as
we had previously planned (sign one). while I am mentioning this to
her so as to discuss the matter, someone calls and wants to come over
to talk about some practical detail of our recent move -- agreeing
to this would mean significantly postponing our rite or abandoning
it altogether (sign two). when talking about the possibilities we
begin to quarrel (sign three and, based on my experience, quarrelling
amongst ritual participants is a heavy dissuasion from moving onward
all its own). these were more or less based on my previous experience.

there are other things that I take as signs. an apparently unrelated
mention by family or close friend that this evening seems to be an
unlucky time period might be a sign. and all the things I've just
mentioned are negative signs. there may be negative *and* positive
signs (all provided emphasis based on my *own* consciousness and
their relative appearance), even combined. weighing them all and
determining their overall import may be as much an assessment of
my willingness to engage them as it is a kind of 'finger in the air'
test of the proverbial winds. am I ready for what lies ahead? if I
know the answer is no, this is a negative sign. will I have sufficient
time to prepare all the same? perhaps this latest negative is able
to be overlooked on account of a remedial nap I had this afternoon,
or maybe my partner is looking fit and strong and I can rely on
their strength to pull things through should they turn ugly.

the symbolism of a sign is also important -- what it means and how
attuned it might be to that with which I'm associating it. this
may take the form of 'unconscious', 'unrelated' or 'random' puns
or 'synchronicity', such as someone who I identify as a powerful
magician in a book I'm reading or a film I'm watching mentioning,
just at the point of my consideration of the context surrounding
the ritual event, that their power is waning or that timing is bad.
someone dying just before what is supposed to be a celebratory
event might cast a shadow over the entirety and put it in my mind
to call it off. there is a kind of 'cushion of potential' which
any ritual has in my estimation, and this may be undermined by
the acts of those who will be part of it, those who encounter me
or the area of the future rite (some amendable, some not).

if you have additional questions based on the above I'm happy to
reply to them now that I've returned from my journies away from home.

blessed beast!

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