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Summoning Sprits

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Subject: Re: Summoning Sprits
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 06:37:43 GMT

>>> So what I did was baught a book ...

>> "Pacts With the Devil: a Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy, & Liberation",
>>  by S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt, New Falcon, 1993.
>> I am fairly familiar with this book. I just looked it over again
>> just now and noticed the Pact Example in the Appendices. it is
>> a worthwhile example which I'd like to present here in full:
>#         I __ {name} on this {day} of {month} in the year {year}
>#         formally ally myself with the spirit {Name} and his
>#         servants for our mutual benefit in order that I may
>#         achieve the following goals: {Note: the goals are the
>#         most important part of the pact and should be well
>#         thought out. The goals can be highly personal as
>#         no one need ever see this document.}
>#         In return for the above benefits I will deliver to the
>#         spirits the following offerings and services: (Note:
>#         list all the offerings previously determined by
>#         divination or intuition. Be very specific and do not
>#         promise something that you do not intend to give.)
>#         I charge the spirit that by agreeing to this document
>#         he binds himself and makes himself subject to
>#         punishment if he should disregard his part of this
>#         agreement or bring harm to me or mine. {Note: the pact
>#         can [be; sic] dissolved upon completion of the
>#         agreement or if the operator is honestly dissatisfied
>#         with the demon.}
>#         {Signed in your own blood.}
>#         {On the side opposite your signature, draw the sigil
>#          or picture of the demon.}
>#         {Note: sterile lancets are easily available in most
>#          drug stores.}
>#         -------------------------------------------------------
>#         "Pacts With the Devil: a Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy,
>#          & Liberation", by S. Jason Black and Christopher S.
>#          Hyatt, New Falcon, 1993; p 247, Appendix III; authors'
>#          notes {in curly brackets}, 333 notes [in square].
>#         =======================================================

>> it's a ritual. it isn't just a "chant", whatever you may
>> mean by this, but a complete ceremonial, with preparatory
>> cleansing, suggestions on timing, specifications on augury
>> for suitable compensation for alliance, proper magical
>> tools for the construction of the pact, a Banishing Ritual
>> of the Pentagram, several possible conjurations, and a
>> discharge (followed by another LBRP and feast).
>> the source to which you were referring included a complete
>> ritual and recommended all its component parts in order to
>> have the capacity to achieve success. if you omit what they
>> suggest as foundation for their pact-making and then don't
>> get the results you're looking for, it's anyone's guess why
>> the results weren't satisfactory....
>> therefore, I recommend to you that you consider more
>> carefully what you actually believe exists, why you are
>> attempting to gain its assistance, and whether you think
>> you have the ability to hold your own should you be
>> courageous) foolhardy enough to summon something
>> which may be antagonistic to your will and whole.
>> such a vocal invocation *is* possible, by my understanding,
>> to the magician sufficiently trained in the methods and
>> desirous of the interaction. whether any particular agent
>> is likely to respond to you, form an alliance which is
>> actually helpful to you overall, or depart when you've had
>> enough are considerations all interested in the practice
>> ought to consider carefully before embarking on such a course.

from private email: 
> Is there no other way were I don't have to cut my self. 
> I waant it to be simple, safe etc....

oh sure, there are lots of ways. one would be to sacrifice
some other being or thing for the purposes of appeasement.
the authors of that book mentioned above even talk about
the use and invention of alternatives to blood sacrifice.

I suggest to you that beings who want 'life-force' may be
satisfied by the presentation of pests (parasites, animals
about to die anyway, even plants). some spirits seem to
enjoy the destruction of some constructed object, seeming
to delight in the very act of destruction or obliteration
itself, or perhaps the emotions released during such acts.
see below for more alternatives.

> and what happens if I make a pact and my life does not 
> change I will be [screwed]. 

a very important consideration. not only is your skill as
a magician at issue, but you place at risk whatever you're
dedicating to the purpose if at odds, fundamentally, with
the being summoned. for this reason it is foolish to go

about summoning adversarial spirits unless 

	a) you're very sure of your skill and power
	  (and even then you may be arrogant and doomed);

	b) you're desperate and can't get anyone to do it for you.

'screwed' is a very ambiguous term, however. it all depends
on what kind of pact you plan on making. you could offer
something very easily come by (no pun intended really!), 
for example, and hope that the weakness of the being with 
whom you made it will allow you to obtain your desires 
regardless of its relative ease.

what do you think is necessary to appease the being summoned?
some spirits and gods, for example, are benign, and would
seek to help you perhaps even if you did NOTHING for them.
there are many deities in particular who are described in 
this way (gods and goddesses such as Kwan Yin, Laksmi, 
Ganesh, and Krishna), and countless others who are seemingly
satisfied with some kind of devotional outpouring on their
behalf (e.g the Catholic Saints, and many other divinities).

that is, you needn't be 'screwed' if you seek help from the
proper channels. why you would feel you had to seek it from 
the most dangerous is something you should consider carefully.

> if he does not help then surley i won't have to worry about 
> being bound to him right? 

depends on who you're summoning. if you're really summoning
Lucifer (whoever that is), then I'm not sure, because that
name is used for a good number of DIFFERENT beings, some of
them benign and helpful without compensation and trying to
assist you to better yourself, others malevolent and corrosive.

in the book you were mentioning, the 'Lucifer' they were
talking about summoning is better known as your Holy Guardian
Angel (they compared Lucifer/Lucifuge to Crowley's Aiwass),
and the usual presumption is that the summoning of this being
is generally beneficial, if ultimately challenging for you.
whether said being will effect the changes you desire is
another matter entirely. the crafty mage will seek the
intersection of purposes mystical and mundane, by Hermetic
standards. ;> Black and Hyatt aren't guaranteeing any kind
of reward that this Lucifer is going to give to you.
> I mean I realy need help but i don't want to harm myself 
> by cutting myself for something that i don't know will 
> even work. 

I can appreciate that. if all you need is some blood to
sign the pact, then consider the use of one of those pin-
pricking devices which quickly applies a needle to your
finger to the proper depth for the purpose of obtaining
a small quantity of blood for a microscope slide or
cotton swab. you could prick one or more fingers for
this purpose, place the finger on a glass or porcelain
object to collect the blood, use a stylus for the pact-
signature, and use a simple bandaid after you're done.
this includes no real damage to your body and probably
little or no observable physical damage to betray you 
to any parental, religious or civil authorities.

when I signed my pact I wanted to use a particular
magical tool (the Blade of Love), and this required
that I slice my skin over my heart for symbolism and
the intensity of the (p)act. it was difficult! as it
was I got just enough blood to sign the document,
though I would probably opt for the recommendation 
I have provided above in other circumstances as it
would be far easier to effect.

> becsue in the book it says about summoning Lucifer but 
> i don't have the tools 

getting the tools is part of the working. if you don't
have them, part of doing the rite is preparing for the
ritual by obtaining or making the tools. that is in
part the real artifice of magic, and some of the better-
known magicians are very fine craftspeople, making magical
tools/weapons and grounding the symbolic into the real.

> and don't understand it. 

understanding a ritual is only of minor benefit, but it
may help you to know whether you are likely to get the
result you're looking for. in the case of this ritual
to summon Lucifer (so called), I suggest that you're
looking at a predominantly SPIRITUAL result, despite
the reputation that 'Lucifer/Lucifuge' may have. from
what you've said about your aims, I'm not sure that
this is really what you want (I suggest that it is,
but that you would not interpret it this way based on
the description of the being given by Hyatt/Black).

> you see i don't understand it and I can't get the
> tools. 

what prevents you from getting the tools?

c'mon, I know for a fact that most of them are available
via occult mail-order because I live next to a shop which
would provide some of it, for which I volunteer my time 
every week and learn of its contents. here is the list of 
magical tools described in the book you've mentioned:

	candles (red or black)
	a knife of new steel
	a wand (Hazel/Ash/Willow/Oak, obtained/made by you)
	a lg metal dish or censer for burning perfumes/other stuff

these're supposed to be ritually cleansed with water and 
incense before use, and wrapped in clean, consecrated cloths, 
then set aside before the evocation to follow. these should
be available at most strip-malls, the wand obtained at some
local or state park if not in your backyard.

	a small semi-precious stone (Grand Grimoire says a bloodstone)

is supposed to remain on your person to 'bond' with you. you
can get such a small stone for minor cost at any jeweler's.

and only you should be touching the magical tools. I'd also
recommend that you tell no one about the rite before you
attempt it, and that you time the ritual so that it will
most properly coincide with your desired outcome from the
pact (e.g. if you need money, do the pact on a Thursday,
if you want love, do it on a Friday).

also, the authors mention the sacrifice:

	a young, black goat

and yet they make it clear that they also recommend against
the sacrifice of animals, and helpfully provide what they 
call a "sexual sacrifice" as an alternative (i.e. they give
the alternative of orgasmic consecration with sexual fluids).

> ...I realy want good things in life and i am human and 
> i feel i want to indulg in things like other people do. 
> but i don't have the means of making it happen without
> magick, satan, angels, gods whatever. so i have heard 
> about others summoning Satan to get help. but i am also 
> scared, don't [want] to be in danger but i certanily 
> need help. so what can i do. so what I need is a simple, 
> safe ritual. 

I don't think that a ritual to summon Satan or Lucifer is
the safe kind of ritual for which you seek. instead, I'd
recommend abandoning the Pacts With Devils Method and
engaging a pact with a celebratory and indulgent deity 
who is known to provide for worshippers in exchange for 
service and good works or for no action whatsoever. you 
could make a pact with Jesus, for example, or Isis, or 
Kwan Yin, instead, and be FAR more safe and sane. only 
the really wild magicians or those desperate for 
certain results will go to demons for assistance.
> Could someone help me summon him? 

sure, but few will do this without some kind of
compensation, and identifying someone with skill, 
presuming that you are a novice yourself, might be
somewhat difficult. you might fall into the hands
of charlatans or those who intend you to dissolve
your power into their mystical organization or
personal aggrandizement.

> could a magician do it for me?

I don't know why not. it is done all the time in
dedication to a variety of gods, often for some
kind of spiritual and/or completely aesthetic or
social purpose.
> thanks for you words of wisdom and advice though. 

you're very welcome.

> What site was this on its just that I have not 
> got the url?

the quote from the book was something that I just
typed in while looking at it in my offline library.
it just so happened that I make a study of pacts
with spirits and demons and have acquired that one
on account of its reputation. I found it interesting
to study in relation to your interests and wanted 
to offer what I could while reflecting on it.

Black and Hyatt aren't necessarily the most clear
in their exposition, and the elements of the rites
that they present appear to me somewhat slanted
*away* from conventional purposes (toward the more
mystical and spiritual, esp. in this Lucifuge
summoning! of a Thelemic flavour) and methods.

the subject of pacts with spirits (demons or gods
or whatever) is a very large one, and you should
be able to find all manner of material in a search
engine like using terms like 'financial
reward for worship' or 'happiness guaranteed by
the god'. good luck!

blessed beast!

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