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Lamb Loin Cuts


lamb loin = lamb saddle   This is where the most tender and expensive cuts come from, including loin chops and loin roasts.


lamb chop  Notes:   Like beef steaks, lamb chops are pieces of meat that are cut small enough to serve as individual portions.  They're often grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.  The most elegant choices are the lamb rib chop and the lamb loin chop.  The lamb sirloin chop and lamb leg chop aren't quite as tender, but they're quite good if you take care not to overcook them.  The most economical cuts are the lamb shoulder chop and lamb blade chop.  They're chewier than the pricier cuts, but they're more flavorful.  Substitutes:  pork chop 

lamb loin chop  Notes:   These are the lamb's answer to Porterhouse steaks.  They're the most tender chops on the lamb, and they're usually grilled or broiled.  They cook best if they're thick.  A chop cut from the saddle (incorporating the loin roasts from both sides of the lamb) is called a double loin chop = English chop.  Double loin chops include two pieces of tenderloin, two of the eye, and two T-bones, and they're usually formed into a tidy circle.  If a single loin chop is boned and rolled, it's called a noisette.   Substitutes:  lamb rib chops (more expensive) OR lamb sirloin steaks OR lamb leg chops (not as tender)


lamb loin roast  Notes:   This is a very tender, flavorful, and expensive roast.   If you want more servings, you can get a saddle of lamb = double loin roast, which combines the loin roasts from either side of the lamb.   If boneless, a loin roast is called a loin roll = boneless loin roast = rolled lamb roast, or a double loin roll = rolled double lamb roast if made from the saddle.  Substitutes:  leg of lamb

lamb sirloin roast  Notes:   The sirloin is just next to the leg, and, in some parts of the country, this roast comes attached to a leg of lamb.  This cut makes a tender, if bony, roast, or it can be sliced into sirloin steaks for grilling or broiling.    Substitutes:  loin roast (more expensive)  

lamb sirloin chop = lamb sirloin steak = lamb leg sirloin chop = large loin lamb chop = lamb steak = lamb leg chop = lamb loin end steak   Notes:   These are usually less expensive than loin chops, but almost as tender.  It's best to grill or broil them.  Substitutes:  lamb loin chops (more expensive) OR pork loin chop



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