Armenian Postage Stamps

1920 Issues

The description of these stamps is taken from "The Postage Stamps of Russia", 1917-1923, by Dr. R.J. Ceresa

(never issued) Chassepot Pictorials (#'s 268-277)

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1R eagle - 3R eagle - 5R eagle - 10R eagle - 15R eagle.

273......jpg (40675 bytes) 274......jpg (45492 bytes) 275......jpg (50047 bytes) 276......jpg (53065 bytes) 277......jpg (58892 bytes)

25R Mt. Ararat - 40R woman spinning - 50R Mt. Ararat - 70R woman spinning - 100R Mt. Ararat.

These stamps were printed in sheets of 50, by the Chassepot Printing Works, in Paris, France, by the order of the First Dashnak Government, in early 1920.  The lower value stamps were sent to Yerevan in November, but never were officially released.   


1921 Issues

1st Essayan Set

Federated Soviet Republic

Also known as,

Socialist Soviet Republic

(#'s 294A-294P)

294A-A7-.jpg (51287 bytes) 294B-A8-.jpg (61971 bytes) 294C-A9-.jpg (57913 bytes) 294D-A10-.jpg (51436 bytes) 294E-A11-.jpg (59341 bytes) 294F-A12-.jpg (53989 bytes)

1R hammer & sickle over wheat in symbolic Armenian art frame - 2R mythical animal in symbolic frame - 3R Soviet hammer & sickle over rays from symbolic star - 5R ruins of Bagratide, capital Ani - 25R mythical winged creature - 50R Armenian soldier, church & Mt. Aragatz in background - 100R mythical lion like creature.

294H-A14-.jpg (51362 bytes)  294J-A16-.jpg (51003 bytes) 294K-A17-.jpg (55251 bytes) 294L-A18-.jpg (56094 bytes)

250R hammer & sickle on star, flanked by symbolic birds - 500R Mt. Aragatz, with harvesters in foreground - 1000R fisherman by Lake Sevan - 2000R General Post Office, Yeravan - 5000R ruins of church in citadel, Ani - 10000R street scene in Yerevan - 15000R monastery on Sevan islet in Lake Sevan.

20000R Armenian style sculpture, Ani - 25000R Mt. Ararat with ploughing scene in foreground.

Designed by Sarkis Khachaturian & lithographed by the Essayan Printing Works in Constantinople.


1921 Issues

2nd Essayan Set (#'s 278-294)

33.-A.jpg (45132 bytes) 335-A33.jpg (38049 bytes) 337-A34.jpg (44057 bytes) 339-A35.jpg (41947 bytes)

100R Armenian woman spinning - 250R stork with church & Mt. Aragatz in background - 500R village scene, with bullock cart in foreground.

340-A36.jpg (51605 bytes) 343-A37.jpg (52525 bytes) 34.-A.jpg (51047 bytes) 35.-A.jpg (63322 bytes)

1000R Armenian woman at the well - 2000R Yerevan railway station, Mt. Aragatz in background - 5000R mounted soldier, church & Mt. Aragatz in background - 10000R stylized symbolic eagle - 20000R shepard boy in hillside.

Lithographed by the Essayan Printing Works, at Constantinople


1922 Issues

Federated Soviet Republic

Also known as,

Socialist Soviet Republic

(#'s 300-309)

300-A23ReDo-.jpg (38705 bytes) 301-A24-.jpg (45938 bytes) 302-A25-.jpg (48938 bytes)

50R shining star over snow-capped Mt. Ararat & soviet emblems - 300R star over Mt. Ararat - 400R Soviet star, hammer & sickle.

303-A26-.jpg (47871 bytes) 304-A27-.jpg (51354 bytes) 305-A28-.jpg (46768 bytes) 306-A29-.jpg (54566 bytes)

500R stork - 1000R boatman on Lake Sevan, Sevan islet & monastery in background - 2000R human-faced bird from Ani sculptures - 3000R sower.

307-A30-.jpg (55138 bytes) 308-A31-.jpg (53233 bytes) 309-A32-.jpg (67961 bytes)

4000R dragon from Ani sculptures with star shining over Mt. Ararat - 5000R blacksmiths surmounted by shining star - 10000R ploughing scene.

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