Postcards for Great Pyrenees Fanciers - and their friends

The following sites offer e-mail postcards. A couple have Great Pyrenees, some have other breeds, some have few dogs. The only criteria used in selection is they have been recommended by a member of Pyr-L, I have visited each one personally, and none (to my knowledge) have advertisments or links that I wouldn't want my grandchildren to visit. Postcards from these sites may be sent without charge, although a few of the sites carry commercial products as well.

Their presence here in the library in no way signifies endorsement by the Great Pyrenees Club of California, the Pyr-L Mailing List, or it's host L-SOFT. They are gathered here for your enjoyment and convenience; if anyone finds any of the sites offensive, please e-mail me at the address below and it will be removed.

The comments following each site are my own and apply only to the site as of the date I visited it.

- Catherine de la Cruz

Page last updated January 9, 2003

Some cards at some sites require Java-enabled browsers such as Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. However, most sites should be viewable with most graphics browsers.

Great Pyrenees Cards

Karen Justin's Impyrial Great Pyrenees Sixteen pictures of happy Pyrenees Java and MIDI optional

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of New Zealand Some beautiful Pyrs
Tarascon Pyrenees cards
Jan Chaplin postcards and stamps Some unique antique cards. Slow loading, but worth it

Corbis Photos In the Search box, enter "Great Pyrenees Dogs"; also lovely photos of Pyrenees Mountains. A commercial site with lots of free postcards.

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