This receipe has been reprinted multiple times on PYR-L and LGD-L. Don't know who to credit for it, but it does work to remove the skunk smell from dogs.

1 qt. Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp or so of a liquid soap like Dawn or Palmolive or shampoo.

Mix the soda and soap together and then add the peroxide. Use immediately.

This has no shelflife, since the peroxide/soda activity is important to the
chemical reaction to break down the skunk odor, so it is useless after

Pour this stuff over the dog and be careful around the eyes.

Take any collars off and soak them too, as reported on the list, this can be
a reservoir for more aromatic reminders.

Rinse the dog well with clean water afterward, so the peroxide doesn't turn
her yellow.