Dwarfism In Other Breeds

Chondrodysplasia ("Dwarfism") occurs in almost all species of animals. However, its manifestation isn't the same in all species, or even within species - such as dogs. In each breed in which the problem has been studied, the "dwarf" appearance is accompanied by another defect, and rarely the same defect in different breeds. Although much can be learned by studying Chondrodysplasia in other breeds, it will take a concentrated effort among Great Pyrenees fanciers to find definitive answers in our own breed.
The Alaskan Malamute Club of American was one of the first to recognize Chondrodysplasia and to work toward a formal study of the problem. The Minnesota Malamute Club site has an informative site about the condition in their breed.
The Alaskan Malamute Research Foundation has been funding DNA research into the condition.
Severely affected dwarf Malamute
photo copyright American Malamute Club of America
Chondrodystrophy is being studied in Beagles through DNA studies at the University of California, Berkeley at the same lab that has offered to do the DNA study for dwarf Pyrs. Dwarf Beagle - note front legs
Note the bowed front legs
In Labrador Retrievers it is associated with serious retinal defects and blindness.
The American Chesapeake Club is cooperating with a study being done at UC Davis concernint dwarfism in their breed and are looking for additional participants.
German Shepherd Dogs have a type called pituitary dwarfism and is believed to be of different inheritance than that Malamutes or Pyrs. Dwarf GSD
UC Davis is studying dwarfism in PBGVs...
...and a similar condition in Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
Jack Russel Terriers are affected
And here's a chondrodysplastic Akita