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"You are so perfect for our events, Cathryn!"
     Elizabeth Isles - Dublin Heritage Center

 Selected upcoming public performances:

August 3rd * Jewish Tales * Ross, CA
August 26th * Khan's Riddles * Monkey House, Berkeley
August 27th * Strong Women! * Cotati
Oct 22nd * Epic Day Cotati, CA
Oct 23rd * Epic Tales w Csenge Zalka * HouseConcert, Cotati
Nov 12th * 1001 Tales * Vancouver
Feb 4th * Epic Day * Cotati
Mar 8th * St. Patrick Tales * San Anselmo
Mar 25th * Kalevala * Seattle
Apr 4th * Mahabharata * Fairfax

Cathryn's current projects: Epic Day, Biannually New CD: Donner Party Survivor Producing MythOff

In glorious Sonoma County, CA, Cathryn sits peering into her trunk of tradition and studying her collection of ancient manuscripts, playing with recipes for truth and enlightenment. All super natural ingredients must be used. The story recipe goes something like:

1 oz. uponna thyme
3 wishes
1/2 pint hero/heroine
quart of quest
wart of crone (hair removed)
5 drops of ogre sweat
dash of trickster
2 powdered dragon's fangs
7 questions from a girl
8 giggles from a boy
imagination of an adult child
twinkle from an elder
mix thoroughly with love
sprinkle generously with wisdom

Stories well; keeps forever and ever.
Cathryn delights in coming out of her attic to try her recipe out in its endless variations. If you and your friends are hungry for a satisfying storytelling treat, give her a call, send a pigeon or zap an email.

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Cathryn Fairlee
Cotati, California