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Epic Days
"Sing in me, Muse, and through me lift the great tale again. Begin it, goddess, at whatever point you will." Homer

Biannual Epic Day

2018 Sundiata

I sponsor Biannual Epic Days in my home to help reintroduce the long tale cycle, saga, myth and epic into our repertoires. Twice a year, about 30 tellers make a pilgrimage to my home in northern California to retell an epic of our choosing. Pieces are distributed a few months earlier and tellers tell in their own words, in their own style, to dedicated listeners. Seven hours of traditional telling creates an intense listening experience rare in today's sound bite world.

The pieces chosen are new to the teller, as it is meant to be a learning experience, not a polished performance. There is no publicity other than word of mouth and no tickets are sold. The pieces are told in the Spring and again in the Fall to give a chance to be inspired by what we have learned from the first telling. Many tell me they have added these meaty tales to their repertoire. The conversation generated by the tales is wonderful, as is the potluck food! There is no fee. We are always a full, enthusiastic house. So satisfying.

I feel this event is best kept in a small venue but would love to help others organize an epic event in their areas. I do give workshops on Epic Telling. Epics are sophisticated sagas of maturing, courage, passion, destiny and were known to the literate and illiterate alike. They are best heard and shared, not merely read silently. Epics contain the values and pride of a time when to listen was to learn. Epics are the literature of the soul.

With 10 to 20 tellers we have recreated ~~~
  • 2005 English Canterbury Tales
  • 2006 Welsh Mabinogion
  • 2007 Middle Eastern 1001 Nights
  • 2008 Greek Odyssey
  • 2009 Hindu Ramayana
  • 2010 French Persivale
  • 2011 Sumerian Inanna & Gilgamesh
  • 2012 Finnish Kalevala
  • 2013 Maya Popol Vuh
  • 2014 Central Asian Harman Dali
  • 2015 Irish Táin Bó Cuailgne
  • 2016 Tibetan Golden Corpse
  • 2017 Italian Orlando Furioso
  • 2018 Malian Sundiata
  • And the pilgrimage goes on ...

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