Shelley Macdonald

2013 update:

Let's do the time warp again.

Flash forward 10 years from the first biography. I retired on April Fool's Day 2006. Rod retired in 2007. We're still happily ensconced at the end of a gravel road, 25 years on our little piece of heaven. We continue to do craft fairs in the fall and head out on the road whenever we can. We've travelled the Crowsnest Hwy in Canada to see Waterton Lakes and have explored Glacier, Yellowstone, and pars of Idaho. We make an annual January trip to Elko, NV for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Last Fall we made a trip to find my grandfather's Katherine Goldmine near Bullhead City and to Tombstone to research family history (my great grandfather was owner/publisher of the Tombstone Epitaph in the 1880's).

Now free to follow my muses I am an artist, designer, photographer and writer. I volunteer at the Legacy Shop (thrift store specializing in sewing, knitting and craft supplies) in Sebastopol. It's great fun. I'm in charge of sorting and organizing donations which is a weekly treasure hunt.

You can read about our travels and my journeys on my blog at

Live every day to the fullest, love strong, and laugh often.

(2003 Entry):

My middle name should have been Serendipity it has been a true force in my life.

I attended UCSB from 63-67 with a major in recent American history, had visions of teaching until I realized I was terrified of public speaking. The odd thing is that if you put me in a room full of strangers I am the one to start up a conversation, so go figure? Instead of graduating with my class in 67, I moved to Westwood, got a job and transferred to UCLA to study art. Bought a VW bus, lived in a log cabin in Beverly Glen Canyon and pampered my free spirit for 2 years.

Got my BA in 70 and moved back to Marin County for a short time. Mom and Dad had already sold the place and hit the road in their motor home. In Spring 71, a friend and I decided to sell some stuff at the Flea Market at the old Marin Motor Movies in San Rafael. A man bought my old dining room table and asked if we would consider delivering it to Guerneville in Sonoma County. Having a VW bus and time on our hands we said sure. He had a small cabin on Hulbert Creek he said we could have for free if we wanted to fix it up. Why not we said? So what if there were silt lines (from flooding) six feet up the walls? It worked for summer though and we ended up spending two rent-free years on the Russian River house sitting for two different families. Started a small business and did everything from cutting and delivering firewood to bookkeeping. Decided I needed to move on with my life so I got a real job in Santa Rosa (made good money but these guys were total pigs) so I left my name on file at the Unemployment Office.

Serendipity steps up to the plate in 1973. Friends staying at my house for a few days happened take a message from the Unemployment Office saying that had a new listing at the Bodega Marine Lab that sounded like it was right up my alley. The Business Manager interviewed 34 people for the job and I asked him what put me at the top of the list. He told me he just had a gut feeling I was the one, but it was my resume that cinched it, all my references had gone out of business and he felt that was a good sign! I am still there after 30 years. I work on a beautiful 360-acre biological reserve, only footsteps from the ocean. Many of us have been there over 20 years, growing up and older together. I am now the Business Manager and oversee all things financial. College prepared me little for the real world (though I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything) and learning by the seat of my pants has been the best teacher.

While on a trip to Colorado with a friend in 1976, we spent a couple of days in Crested Butte with a friend of his who grew up in Berkeley. When she found out I was from Sonoma County she told me I really needed to check out the “Fort Ross Volunteer Fire Department Picnic” a music festival that happens in May each year. I filed the information in the back of my brain and there it sat for 5 years. Then one sunny May afternoon in 1981 my neighbors came over and said we’re going up to this shindig in Cazadero, you want to meet us up there? Being the shy person I am I hesitated for about 20 seconds and decided to go. It was out in the middle of nowhere at a wooded ranch high in the hills, music and laughter (among other things) wafting through the trees. Couldn’t stand just sitting and listening so I just got up and started dancing by myself. There was this really cute hippy boy in my vicinity and we exchange glances and smile. An hour later we are still dancing, 4 hours later the bands played on and so did we. His name is Rod, and in May we celebrated 22 years together. We were married at the Gold Hill Hotel in Gold Hill, Nevada on 12/21/86 and 12/21/96 (just for fun), Steve and Barbara Novacek were our “witnesses” for both events, even braving a blizzard for the one in 96. We don’t have children, but are the proud godparents of Casey Marina Lurtz, who graduated from Arcata HS in June and is off to Harvard this fall. I may see the East Coast yet.

Rod worked in high tech for 20 years and then got laid off (blessing in disguise) in 2000 with a nice little severance package that allowed him to take a few months off. We found out through a friend that the Sonoma State Children’s School needed a cook. Rod’s degree is in early childhood education and he is a gifted cook who always wanted to run a little restaurant and now he does, he cooks for 40-60 1-5 year olds. He is a very happy camper and so are the kids.

We both work full time, but in the early 90’s we started a small business called Sticks and Stones. Rod makes walking sticks, quarterstaffs and canes and I make jewelry. We do a few craft fairs each year. It keeps us in tools and beads and off the streets. Rod is getting more and more orders from elders and members of our generation. Looking towards retirement, we relish the idea of having time pursue our crafts.

We live in Sebastopol. Our little old 1950’s stucco house is on 1.5 acres on a hillside. Long before we found this place, I drew a picture of what I wanted (house on a hill at the end of a road, room to garden, trees, a place for dogs and cats). I was exploring back roads on the way home from work one April day in 1988 and saw a for sale sign on a place that looked interesting. I had somehow transposed the number, but I did reach a real estate agent. We started talking and we decided to work with her. The last place she showed us was up this steep, dead end road with an apple orchard in full bloom, there was all this space, and a little house with a sun porch. Rod and I just looked at each other and said this is it. We got the keys to the place exactly 7 years to the day after we met in Cazadero, May 26th (hum the tune to the Twilight Zone).

Life has been good to us. We plan to retire 2005, and take a year off to hit the road. Shared interests include road trips, chasing winter storms on the Oregon coast, exploring Canada, gardening, fishing, reading, swimming in warm oceans, and all things creative. Looking forward to not seeing life through the old 8-5 perspective for a change, but we plan to work part time and do some volunteering in our community. This boxes we came in are getting a little frayed around the edges, but at 58 we are all still 22 inside - never give up on your dreams!


Velda Hampton Howell Draper

Here is my very very quick biography.

I am leaving in a few hours for Europe.

A dream of mine for over 50 years is coming true.

I am married to Prince charming.

A dear friend of over thirty years.

I was married to another for thirty years.

As the old toaster and he wanted new.

We were divorced.

I got the home, he got the retirement.

I got Prince charming five years later.

I am retired as a Registered Nurse Master's prepared.

Had a great 30 year plus run in Nursing.

First loves are still Oil Painting, Watercolor painting, Dancing and seeing our children.

I have four wonderful, delightful, independent women daughters.

With a collection of degrees in Politics, Economics, Marine Biology, Biology, Interior Design and teaching credentials in Health Sciences.

Jim has a fine son and a wonderful daughter who is the mother of two beautiful grandchildren a boy age 4, and a girl age 1.

I have lived all forty years right here in Marin.

Went from Mill Valley to Santa Venetia in San Rafael.

God has treated me very good.

Have a great Party, this will be the only one I ever missed.

Love to each of you.




Cheryl Saunders McDavitt

I will be reconnecting at the Reunion with my Park Elementary and Edna Maguire Junior High Friends. I only went to Tam for one year and I was wearing maternity clothes for most of that year.

I guess the title of my story is “High School Drop-Out Makes Good”.

After early teenage marriage failure (go figure!), wasted several years with alcohol, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in San Francisco. Accepted job in Salt Lake City to get sober – quickly found out you can drink too much and take too many drugs even in Utah.

Rescued after 9 years by an old friend who owned a bar/restaurant in the Financial District in San Francisco where I had spent many under-age drinking hours. I moved back to back to San Francisco and we married. The family joke is that Cheryl would go to any lengths to get a drink, including marrying the bartender. It was the smartest thing I ever did. We were best friends for ten years before we married and stayed that way over thirty plus years until he died in 2009. Some of you met Carroll at previous reunions and will agree that he was truly a ‘bonny lad’. Like Daniel Kelly, he played in a bagpipe band and we spent many years traveling to Scottish Games in the Southeast for pipe band competitions.

We ended up in Sonoma County where I had a successful career as the National Director of Training & Development for a major financial services institution. I went back to school (never did get a high school diploma or GED) and obtained certification from two different two year programs at UC Berkeley – Organizational Development & Training and Human Resource Development. Many nights and weekends were spent commuting from Santa Rosa to SF & Berkeley. I even taught in a Graduate program at Sonoma State University in the 80’s. They weren’t too fussy about credentials.

In 1985, I received one of those job offers you can’t refuse from an Information Technology company in Jacksonville, Florida and we moved, thinking it would be temporary. Now 28 years later, I am still here because of a stagnant real estate market. With Carroll gone, I live with a great absence.

If you have to be stuck someplace you’d rather not be – this a good place to be stuck. I live on a navigable deep water creek with a dock and boat house and all the usual Florida trappings, including a swimming pool (way too much work). I am a ‘professional do-gooder’ – an upgrade from the Dirty Commie Pinko Rat I used to be – spending 40 – 50 hours a work volunteering for my church and other community organizations. I continue to be a lifelong learner and teach a variety of classes at a local senior learning center

I am grateful that Charlie’s mother found me many years ago and Charlie was gracious enough to invite me to all the reunions even though I am a high school drop-out. I have known Charlie since kindergarten when we were the youngest kids in the class. What fun it will be to see him again!



Rick Lewis

Life after Tam.

I joined the Air Force that summer and spent four years working on airplanes. Three of those years were at Travis with the SAC unit. Unlike Stan I never left the States. During the last few months in the service I met my one and only wife to be, Andrea Pansini (Marin Catholic class of 63) at a beach party (Muir Beach). We have been married for 35 years.

After the A.F. I went to work for United Airlines at SFO working the Midnight to 8 AM shift. This only lasted a few short months. Mainly because on the drive home I’d get to wave to my future bride as we passed each other on the Golden Gate Bridge, as Andrea worked in S.F.

I took a job with Savoy Auto Parks & Garages And wound up managing their Rain Tunnel car washes(anyone remember San Rafael’s). After a few years I went to work for Jandy Industries, and that job only lasted 29 years. I am presently “retired” and looking for something low stress I’d enjoy doing.

We have three great children, Richard 33, Kevin 31, Samantha 27 and the pride of our life Avery soon to be 4 (Sam’s Daughter).

After living in Larkspur, San Rafael and Petaluma we settled in Penngrove in a 1920’s craftsman. We’ve been here twenty-five years.

Andrea and I are both avid golfers and spend most of our free time trying to hit that stupid white ball.

Looking forward to the reunion.



Pete Liederman

Sometime in my junior year at Tam, when I realized the girl inviting me to go parking was not interested in driver training, my feeling about High School, till then a bit depressed, brightened considerably.

After a year at San Jose State, remarkable mainly for discovery of Beatles music and hearty burgundy, I set out across country with a buddy in an old Fiat. After a wreck in Richmond that forced us to plug up the radiator with chewing gum, we were on our way on an auto journey where we used as much oil and water as gasoline.

Abandoning the car in New York, my cousin and I hitchhiked around Europe from Ireland to Warsaw. Got briefly detained by the police in Venice for reckless boating, and in Poland for trying to exchange money on the black market, but mostly fell in love with traveling.

In the Fall of 1964, joined some other journalism students sharing an apartment in a sleepy student backwater of San Francisco called the Haight Ashbury district. Within a year it seemed like being liberal, casual, and out of the mainstream was sexy and in and I was living about three blocks from the center of the universe.

Despite distractions, picked up a journalism and Poli Sci degree from SF State. In 1968 the travel bug hit again and I worked for a while picking apples on a Kibbutz in Israel. Although there wasn't supposed to be any war going on, every few days we could hear artillery fire up at the Lebanese border. Once walked up the road at night, which I'd been warned not to do, and found myself facing down the barrel of a rifle. Somehow or other blurting out "Amigo!" seemed to work.

Later, on a hill near an oasis above the Dead Sea I had what I still regard as a religious experience. I eventually wrote and illustrated a very short book to try to capture the essentials of it. Also, wrote an article for the old Berkeley Barb about visiting Czechoslovakia which was a very upbeat place in the summer of 1968 and was just about to be invaded.

In 1969, I was back, doing public relations work and living in Tam Valley. The Viet Nam war was in full swing. I had a low draft lottery number and had run out of deferments. Uniforms and recycled jungle colonial wars were clearly not my thing, neither was jail. It's a much longer and funnier story than I can tell here, but basically I spent two days in the Oakland Induction Center playing entirely by my own rules while the draft apparatus played by theirs. They wound up telling me I was temporarily deferred and asked me never to return. In once sense I did anyway, and starting 1974 and for the next several years I worked as a civilian for the Navy in Alameda. I have to admit I developed a higher degree of respect for the Naval officers than most civilians I have ever worked for.

Skipping numerous jobs, addresses, girlfriends, sweethearts, and Kilo, (a large furry mongrel dog), and a decade or so: In 1984, I decided to get active within the Sierra Club, and one day up at their lodge at Donner Pass volunteered to help put out a newsletter for a group of anti-nuclear-weapons activists. A woman who also volunteered, Lara, became co-editor, later co-weditor (I am still under Mr. Wallace's influence when it comes to puns).

We got married in a small town in Scotland where our paths managed to intersect with parents and in„laws who were also traveling that summer. Lara is a scientist doing research on the chemistry of air pollution. Our son David is now 14 years old.

I got involved in a group called the Tamalpais Conservation Club that, among other projects, was working to dismantle the derelict old Air Force Station on the ridge of Mt. Tam just below the radar domes. The Station consisted of about 30 abandoned and dangerous buildings on one of the most spectacular scenic points of the Bay Area.

I got the group behind a petition drive, and worked with Senator Boxer's office to procure federal money to take the old wooden buildings down to their foundations. The place has sort of classical ruin feel to it. Go visit. Also helped raise private money for some open space purchases on the ridge between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.

Deciding to fulfill an old ambition, I went to law school at nights, and passed the bar in 1999. At the start of 2001 I took an early retirement from the government, and I have been working full time since as a civil lawyer in association with two other solo practitioners„mostly real estate law.

For the present, my office is adjacent to our house in Berkeley and looks out into huge old pine trees.

For those of you who know my brother John Piehl, (class of '60), he's living happily up in Bandon, Oregon.


Pete contributed his fifth-grade photo from Homestead School. How many of these people can you name?


Elena Lancaster Montgomery


Well, it’s the 11th hour and I will type up a bio. Thank you so much for all that you and the others have done to make this reunion happen. I appreciate it. I will be brief since I have to leave this morning to fly to Kansas City where my father lives. His wife fell and broke her hip so I am going to spend 2 weeks with them.

In a year’s time my husband will retire from teaching psychology at Nova Southeastern University and we will move north from the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area to be closer to our sons.

After I left Tam I attended Sonoma State College for two years. I met my husband there, got married, and had our first son, Matt, in 1966. We moved to New York in 1966 where my husband started graduate school at State University of New York at Stony Brook. Our daughter, Melody, was born on Long Island in 1967.

My husband continued his graduate work in Morgantown, West Virginia. He completed his Ph.D. in 1971, the year we moved to Florida. Our youngest son, Ken, was born in Plantation, Fla. in 1973.

I stayed home and was involved in their schools and activities until around 1980 when I started working at a children’s science museum, The Discovery Center. I worked there for 10 years first as a teacher and later as tour coordinator. I also completed a college degree (A.S.) from Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC) with a major in Sign Language studies. I worked in an elementary school with deaf children, and later as a sign language interpreter for the deaf students at MDCC. I have done some freelance sign language interpreting, but mainly have worked as a freelance interpreter for a deaf-blind women for 10 years. This is brief, but it is an overview. I look forward to seeing some faces from the past.


Vicki Denterlein Abelson

June of '63 after graduation from Tam my twin sister, Judy, and I joined Shipstead & Johnson Ice Follies. We fulfilled a childhood dream. Traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada for 48 weeks a year for four years. Judy and I skated in a featured twin/pair number and did numerous radio TV, movies and commercials publicizing the Ice Follies. Our "claim to fame" was being two time Losers on "The Dating Game". We met many wonderful people that we call friends and keep in touch with to this day.

When our contract was over we moved to New York to try commercials and modeling. The bad news was Double Mint had stopped using twins in their commercials and we weren't 6 feet tall. We did have a GREAT time and loved Manhattan. Auditioning for a Broadway musical, skating in Rockefeller Center christmas tree lighting show and in the window of a bank on Madison Ave. to name a few fun experiences.

During our second year on tour with Ice Follies Judy & I took a vacation to Jamaica where we met a fellow from Montréal: Michael Abelson. We communicated regularly and dated over the years when our paths crossed.

While living in New York we saw more of each other and got to know each other enough to become engaged. In the Spring of 1968 Mike and I were married. I broke up "the act" and retired from skating. I started a new life. Moved to a new country, new city, new language, new family, new religion, new sport (tennis) and SNOW. I had NO idea what I was doing! To this day I'm wondering why a native Californian would move to Québec---I'm probably the only one here. I have spent the last 35 years trying to turn Mike into my twin---I have failed at every level, especially dressing alike, which Judy and I did until I got married. (It didn't seem so unusual at the time, it was the 60's!)

Mike and I have two sons, Scott 32 and David 28. Scott lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is an insurance broker Monday-Friday. and is a commercial pilot on weekends. He flies for a small charter airline that flies throughout the Caribbean. In his spare time he is a triathlete. Last year he made me very proud by participating in the "Escape from Alcatraz" triathlon finishing in the top 15%. David went to Miami University (Ohio) on an athletic scholarship (tennis). Upon graduation he traveled around the world competing on the pro tennis tour for 3 years. He is still traveling on the ATP tour in a coaching capacity. Both boys are single and enjoying life to the fullest.

Over the years I have dabbled in many artistic endeavors. Photography, weaving, quilting, designing beaded clothes, jewelry, and shoes. I worked for a few years with a sock importer as a socksologist ( designer of socks). Since losing a very close friend to breast cancer nine years ago I have been a part of the organizing committee of an annual golf tournament to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. We have raised over a million dollars to date.

Mike and I bought a condo on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale 25 years ago to escape the Canadian winters during the children's school breaks. The last eight years we have spent 6 months in Florida and 6 months in Montréal. The best of both worlds. He retired from the textile import and manufacturing business 15 years ago. Mike has been involved in real estate and now tries to pick WINNERS in the stock market. (not an easy job!) I have managed to travel to California a minimum of once a year to visit my friends and family. Our two sisters Carol (Tam '52) and Donna (Tam '55) still live in Marin. For fun we play tennis, golf. travel, and I enjoy working in our large garden.

Looking forward to the long flight West to see everyone after 10 years----or 40!


Judy Denterlein Thompson

This is Judy Denterlein Thompson writing the other half of this "Twin Act". Ice Follies gave us the stage name, "Denton Twins" for P.R. reasons, (easier and shorter then Denterlein) and we used it throughout our career. I am grateful for having a twin sister to trade classes with and take my final exams. Just ask Mr. Chavez who caught Vicki taking my history final while Suzi Cook and I "cut" Vicki's class to stalk and spy on Rocky Caravelli and Katrina Shippey (class of 61). Crazy girls! After graduation, I turned the "Three R's" into "Four F's", Fame, Family, Friends and Fun.

Fame; Skating with Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies and modeling as the Denton Twins until Vicki's marriage in 1968. After Vicki traded a twin for a husband, I went solo to Europe and skated internationally until 1970. I returned to San Francisco to act as Directress of The Barbizon Modeling School at Union Square.

Family; Vicki and I never competed in the Olympics but I have a "Trophy Husband" (and you guys thought there were just "Trophy Wives") and two "Gold Medal Daughters”. I met my husband, Tom, on a blind date in San Francisco in 1970. He was practicing law in Beverly Hills at the time and after ten months of commuting to see each other, we were married at the "Star of The Sea Church" in Sausalito October, 1971 and thereafter moved to Los Angeles. I taught skating for five years, moved to Laguna Beach and then we had Kimberly now 26; she graduated from San Diego State University in 2000 and is now working in real estate. Then came Lindsey, age 25, who graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2000 and is now living in Hollywood working in the film industry. Tom retired from law after ten years and became an entrepreneur allowing us to travel and play more. My family is my greatest asset and joy.

Friends: I feel very fortunate to have many friends all over the world. Our home has always been like a hotel with better rates and meals included.

Fun: Our family has "Gypsy Blood" and we love to travel. We especially like adventure type travel; river rafting the Zambezi River in Africa, sailing the Greek Islands and coast of Turkey in a home made sailboat, bungy jumping where it originated in New Zealand, enjoying the Montreux Jazz Festival where we saw George Duke in concert, climbing Machu Picchu, flying up to "Angel Falls" in Venezuela, cruising down the Amazon in Peru, driving the Amalfi Coast, watching the Iditarod dog race in Alaska, and lots more over the past forty years. We travel much of the year and still enjoy it. I feel very fortunate to have good health, strong ankles, traveled the world, having lived in Sausalito, Laguna Beach and now in Rancho Santa Fe, California. I am blessed with the "Good Life" and thank all of the Gods of the world each and every day.

I am looking forward to this reunion and reconnecting with my friends in the class of '63. Wishing you all a safe journey back to Mill Valley. See you soon. Attached is an early photo of the Denton Twins and a photo of Vicki, Suzi and I last year.

The twins in the Ice Follies

The twins with Suzi


Lynn Farnsworth Whipp

I attended Sonoma State College and became an early childhood teacher, before my husband Paul Rattray and I packed up to explore and move North in 1975 with our two girls, Amy and Joce, then ages 9 and 2, and settled in the beautiful Applegate River valley in Southern Oregon, building our own home on 15 acres, surrounded by mountains, streams, and horses and more. Sadly, Paul, a well loved family psychologist, died of cancer in 1982.

A year later, rescuing me from my devastation, David Whipp and I met and married 40 days later; and we embarked on some summers of serious back packing (ahhh youthful bodies!) in marvelous wildernesses nearby.

I call myself "Forever Mom". In 1987 we set out to adopt an Indian baby girl due to visions we both had about "taking in a stranger", a dearly beloved baby we named Anna (now 25 and living in Portland as assistant to a chiropractor). We never regretted this decision to adopt in our later 40's. My older girls now live in North Carolina. I love my 3 grandkids and wish they lived closer.

Many of you may remember my Mom, Margo Farnsworth, Mill Valley librarian. While Anna was young, my Mom developed alzheimer's disease and we blessed her (but not easy,) took care of her, trading off with my sister for three month stints for a number of years. Amazingly, she never did completely forget who I was.

Moving to Jacksonville in 1998, we've enjoyed a smaller garden, this quaint town with its restaurants, shops and Britt Music Festival as well as tandem bike riding, some hiking and a few week-ends here and there, beach walking and taking photos at the beautiful Oregon coast. Much to my delight Shonnie Brown,( who is graciously helping put together this re-union) and some of her friends recently spent time enjoying our favorite hiking area along the Rogue River at Union creek area this summer and rafting our other favorite Rogue area..

We are soon to escape the local smoke due to forest fires and return (last there in 2001) to San Juan Islands, Wa. to camp on Lopez Island and enjoy our tandem bike. In bowing to our elder years, we purchased a larger tent and cushy mattresses through our new REI store:).

David, however, is an avid cyclist who loves to do 25-100 mile bike rides, so he helps pull me along and keep our balance! He amazes me as he is an inspiration to keep active; but I love him for the way he makes time to take modest hikes and to support and do stuff with me:).

Besides enjoying my own kids, I did continue working for many years teaching Kindergarten and, as a Montessori teacher. Relating to Julia's quote about "being thoroughly used up before I die": My spirit is willing, the body less so (back, arthritis)..but what the heck, gang, why give up entirely what we love, you think?

For some time now I have had a seemingly undying passion for designing and making jewelry, creating a local following and being able to donate as I can to orphans and widows through World Vision. I am hoping (before re-union) to have my website finished to move beyond just local retail and have more left to give; as Mother Teresa expressed, every little drop meets with others in the ocean of giving..small things make a I borrowing Anna's middle name with variant spelling, flowering up my own name, as it were: Lynnae.)

See you all soon! So excited...want to connect with everyone whether we knew each other much or not in high school (if I don't keel over from exhaustion first!). We had a great class, with which it was a privilege to be involved in it and thankful to all those (Julia, Charlie and all) who are involved now with this special re-union. I can't thank you enough! !( Sorry I tried to make new 2013 bio replacement shorter, not sure I succeeded! But, updated it is).





Penny Iyama Lundholm


50 Years!!! These decades have gone by way too fast! I look in the mirror and I notice the little wrinkles and grey hair, but when I look at or think about persons that I have known in my "younger" days, all still remain the same. I see you with young eyes. To me, you would not have changed! Hope that you would think the same of me.

I am sorry I will not be at the 50th reunion, but if I am alive and well by the 60th, I will be there with bells on!

After leaving Tam, I did the college route. I did go to UCB, thinking I would become a pharmacist. However,after 2 years of competing with premed types and then spending 1 year a UC Medical center in pharmacy school where I set my lab coat on fire and broke every volumetric flask in inorganic lab, I realized that this was not for me. I returned to Berkeley and majored in Art History. A wonderful major that led nowhere! However, I did meet a man who would eventually be my husband and he convinced me to get a MBA. While he was in the Marine Corp OCS and then Vietnam, I completed my degree. If you are ever interested, my original MBA thesis is on file at the business library on the UC campus..."The Diffusion of An Artist's Reputation." Happy reading!

A quick note... While my husband, Mike, was completing OCS, we did meet up with a young Lt Danny Smith. I think it was a function where the young 2nd Lts met with officers who had already been to Vietnam and Danny was one of them. I believe he was a JAG officer which interested Mike, as he was planning to go to law school after he completed his service obligation. I do not think Danny will remember this but it was great to see him at the time.

Thankfully, Mike came home safely from Vietnam and he went to Hastings Law School. After a few years in SF, we moved to Santa Rosa. We lived there from 1974, spent over 17 years together and had two beautiful boys, Brian and Tim. Our marriage ended around 1986 and I became a single mother who needed to find a job. Fortunately, I got a job as a medical sales representative with Smithkline Beecham. It was a great job and I was able to travel quite a bit and I met some great people who have remained friends over all these years.

After 12 plus years of being single, in 1999, my life really changed---Brian and Tim were students at UCSB, I quit my job and sold my home in Santa Rosa and moved to Kona, Hawaii with my now husband, Dick. We have been married for 13 years. We have enjoyed traveling to Europe, Asia, Russia, and South America.

We have done cruises, both ocean and river, and numerous land excursions. I even have done under water excursions too. Dick has been scuba diving for a few decades and convinced me to become a certified diver. I did so in the Caribbean! While we lived in Kona for about 6 years, we did many weekend dives with friends who had dive boats. For someone that was and still is quite fearful of water, this was quite an accomplishment. I enjoyed it but I am retired from that sport now! We spent 1999 to 2005 in Kona and then we lived in St. George Utah until last year. 2012 was the year we finally made it back to California.

We are living in Palm Desert. Tennis and golf now fill our hours as well as enjoying the great Happy Hour activities. Every day is a Saturday! Life has been good. I have been so blessed with two wonderful boys who are carrying on the tradition started by my father--the tradition of art and music.

Have a great reunion!


Suzi Cook Levesque

Hello to my 1963 Classmates,

This is Suzi-Cook-Caravelli-Levesque telling you how I spent the past forty years.

 From a Song-Leader at Tam to a Cheerleader in life. I have had a roller-coaster ride from '63 to now, 2003. I've done "Blood, Sweat 'n' Tears to "Happy 'n' Cheers"!!!!

I married my "high school sweetheart" Rocky Caravelli (class of '61). We had Rocco Jr. then, a baby girl, Tanya. A family of four, who could want more? To live happily ever after, but that really didn't happen. I found myself on my own, to stuggle and strive.....

I went from Bank of America, to personal computer analyst. Traveled the world to inspire and teach and to keep up to speed.

I found Paul Levesque and have kept it high tech. He brought a daughter to the marriage, and we pushed a third baby carriage. Together 24 years as Mr. and Mrs. Levesque and it's the best husband yet!

I'm a proud grandmother of two and that keeps me young with all that they do. We travel and play the days and nights away.

I've stayed best friends with the "twinners" (Vicki and Judy), and we've all turned out to be three winners.

Now, an interior designer in San Francisco, the city can't get any finer. I have followed the C's from Cook to Caravelli, to Cool and Compulsive, Cheerleader to Chic, and so greatful to God for each experience in my life which has been so unique. I am happy and healthy, what more can you ask. I can't wait to see you and the whole class.


Nancy Thompson Taylor

After I graduated from Tam, my family moved to San Bruno, California. I graduated from College of San Mateo with an AA in 1965. I then moved to San Jose and got my BA from San Jose State.

While at SJS I met an Engineering Student, Ed Taylor, who became my husband in June of 1968. We got an apartment in San Mateo and had our first child, Jonathan in 1972. We then bought a house and had Matthew (1976) and Stephen (1979). The next years were filled in PTA (Honorary Service Award), Sunday School teaching, various church committees, Cub Scout den mother for 6 years, and Boy Scouts until all 3 sons were Eagle Scouts.

I enjoyed being a school librarian for 5 years and then went to work in the District before-and-after school enrichment program, The Children’s Annex. I am Lead Teacher with 35 children and 2 aides. Ed is a Senior Professional Engineer with PG&E.

Now that all 3 sons are college graduates, Ed and I got to have fun. We went on a pilgrimage to Israel in 1999 and have made many short trips around the country. We play in the Bell Choir at church, are in a weekly Bible study class, and carious church offices. We have a cabin in the Gold Country of California where we enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, antiquing, visiting wineries and entertaining our many guests.

2013 update: We now have four grandchildren aged 5-1, and two more coming in March!


Peggy Adams Dods

I'm still here! I live in Orinda and run an advertising media planning/buying business out of my house. My husband works in Information Systems, and my 2 children have almost flown the nest. They keep trying and I keep grappling with it. It looks like they'll be OK. They both have bands, and if your children are into the East Bay Hardcore Punk or Heavy Metal Scene in the Bay Area, look for "Time For Living," "Pains of Sleep," "Boof," or "Hacksaw to the Throat." Or not.

So into the new phase of life, I am doing research on the internet and following a few interests I studied for in college. More art exhibits, operas, musicals, and some genealogy. Boy, I really sound old now. I "fit the demographic profile" as they say in my business. What I like about being an early Babyboomer is that we can get all our retirement money first, before it's gone. Or not.

I think of you all from time to time, and in my mind, you're all 16.




Kathy Bloom Remaley

Graduated from UC Berkley in 1967 and then attended UC Davis until June 1970 and left with a Secondary Teaching Credential.

Taught at Will C. Wood High School 1970/71

Worked for Pacific Gas and Electric Company from 1973 through 1993, beginning as a Mapper and then moving on into Environmental Planning, Conservation Supervision, Marketing, Senior Analyst in Customer Operations, Computer Operations Department Supervisor and Information Systems Senior Analyst.

Did contract work for Hewlett Packard in Roseville and worked for Placer County until retiring at age 63.

Married George Remaley in October 1978. We worked across Beale Street in San Francisco, where he worked as an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager, while I worked at PG&E’s General Office.

We’ve lived in Petaluma, Point Richmond and Auburn and built a vacation home at Serene Lakes over a summer vacation and many weekends.

I still hit the ski slopes and of course tennis is something that will never go away. My newest athletic adventures are on the golf course and I’ve been playing for two years now and have a decent handicap, despite the misadventures when my strong tennis arm enters into a golf swing. I am playing with a women’s club and have moved into the “B” grouping in just a year and a half of play. A good golf pro and lessons are the way to go!

We’ve travelled extensively including Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, South and Central America with approximately two months a year in Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. We are in the process of going to as many National Parks in the US, as possible. We’ve already gotten to several in out of the way places, such as St. John’s Underwater National Park and of course to Denali.

I’m sorry that we will be on one of our adventures over the time period for my Tam High 50th, but family and travel come first. My Mom is still living in the family home in Mill Valley and will celebrate her 91st birthday this Fall. She graduated from Tam in 1939.






Sara Reiter Davenport

I left Tam for University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, along with Julia Dillingham and Lynn Crawford. I majored in History (a result of loving the 4 classes I had with Mr. Inman!), and following graduation, Lynn and I shared an apartment on Upper Grant Avenue in SF in 1967! To say it was a great neighborhood in an amazing time is an understatement! I received my Secondary Teaching Credential in Social Science at SFState (1967-68) in a pilot program which allowed me to teach all day at Polytechnic High School, located on Stanyan Street, 1 block up from Haight. I used to walk my classes to Golden Gate Park to document the Counter Culture events taking place in the Park every day! All who were at SFState in those days remember the important changes taking place before our eyes--Anti-Vietnam, Ethnic Studies, so many issues to engage us!

Never intending to return to Stockton, I did, in 1969, and took a teaching job, spent a summer in Europe, and a year later met a terrific man, Stan Davenport, who was among a group of experienced African American teachers recruited from the South (in Stan's case, Alabama), who were recruited by Stockton Unified School District to rapidly integrate the secondary teaching ranks. Stan and I were married for almost 40 years, had 2 wonderful children--Carla, 36, Mark, 30, a great son-in-law, Jon and our delightful granddaughter, 5 year old Indah. We taught at rival inner city high schools for 38 years, Stan as English Department Chair, Franklin High School, and I as Social Science Chair at Edison High School.

Teaching has been the defining influence on my life. I remember when Mr. Inman encouraged us to teach our fellow students in various class presentations. To have the opportunity to be surrounded everyday by young people with all of the challenges and gifts they offer has been a joy. When I retired, my greatest accolade was that four of my former students had become teachers in my department.

Stan and I retired in 2006, and had a couple of great years before he succumbed to Prostate Cancer, after a long fight at UCSF. That has been a terrible blow, but my family and friends have eased my adjustment, and I am working hard to move on, and back to Marin. Friends always, Lynn and Julia arranged for Julia and I to visit Lynn and her husband, John, in New Hampshire a month after I lost Stan. We had a great visit, and the 3 of them helped me to face my loss.

My family is still in Marin--no longer on Tamalpais Avenue in Mill Valley, which is so changed! My daughter and family lives in Corte Madera, around the corner from my sister, Katie. Brother Steve is at the top of the hill in Corte Madera, and my 95 year old Dad is still enjoying life in Greenbrae. My son Mark teaches 5th grade in SFUSD and lives in SF. Brother Rob is in L.A.

Great memories of Tam, enjoyed the last reunion, looking forward to this one. Kudos to Julia B. and all of the people who are responsible for getting us together once again!!