1762 - 1 Mar 1806

Family 1 : Anna Cajsa VINCENT
  1.  Johannes FORSMARK
  2.  Andreas FORSMARK
  3.  Maja Stina FORSMARK
  4.  Andreas FORSMARK
  5.  Andreas FORSMARK
  6. +Anna Magdalena FORSMARK
  7.  Petrus FORSMARK
  8.  Mattias FORSMARK
  9.  Catharina Lovisa FORSMARK
  10.  Matts FORSMARK
  11.  Lars Jonas FORSMARK


[703] Johans origin is unknown. He was working as a blacksmith at
Johannisfors mill and most smiths comes from a long line of
other smiths. No connection has been found to any other
Forsmark smiths. During the period when Johan was born there
were in this area a couple of soldiers by the name of Forsmark.
Its possible that Johan might be related to one of them.


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