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The Pisolithus Workshop

Workshop Leader: Kirsti Palmén, (FINLAND)

“We had 3 different species:

Pisolithus albus, Pisolithus marmoratus, and Pisolithus "small", a yellowish small (about 5 cm) Pisolithus that has not been named yet.
From 3 dyepots we got 9 different colours.  We used yarn and fungi in the proportions 1:2 , 1:8 and 1:8 with pH 9.

Pisolithus "small" gave the brightest colours.

photo by Kirsti Palmén, (FINLAND)

L. to R. - Pisolithus alba, Pisolithus spp. (small) & Pisolithus marmoratus on wool samples

 pisolithus arhizus spores1.jpg (135484 bytes)
photo by Kirsti Palmén, (FINLAND)
Dyes from pisolithus azhirus 


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