David Field
QuickBooks Coach

Do you have a vague sense something is not quite right with your bookkeeping but can't quite put your finger on what?  Here are some item that make for a successful bookkeeping system.


The Five Pillars of Stress Free Financials

1. Real data.

2. A real good setup.

3. A working computer with QuickBooks or Quicken.

4. Real accounting knowledge.

5. Someone to put all the above together - that's me!


A Recent Client’s Praise

"As the owner of a small business I needed to learn how to use QuickBooks for my sales. I hired David both to help me set up QuickBooks and teach me how to input all my information. Not only did he teach me very well, but he was also able to fix problems that were created by another person who I had hired a while back to help me up my system. I would definitely recommend him."

S.K. Business owner

Emeryville CA 8/3/10

Get Your Financials Together PDF
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