Schaffer's Trip to the Silver Banks
Photos (non-whale) by Donna and Charlie Schaffer
March, 2002
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These digital photos were all taken in March, 2002 on our 10-day trip aboard the liveaboard diveboat Turks & Caicos Aggressor. The Silver Banks are an 20-80 foot shelf about 80 miles north of Dominican Republic in the Atlantic Ocean. This freighter wreck was blown upon the shallow reef in the 1970s.

wreck 1
The Wreck
Wreck Adventure
Wreck Adventure
Wreck Horizon 2
Wreck on Horizon
Wreck Rust
Amazing Rust
Wreck Top 2
Starboard Bridge
Wreck Top
Port Bridge
Wreck Interior
Interior of Wreck
Wreck - Next To
Next to Wreck
Wreck Anchor
Wreck Anchor

We snorkeled in the coral gardens surrounding the wreck.

Coral Garden 2
Coral Garden
Coral Garden 5
Coral Garden
Coral Garden 6
Coral Garden 7
Coral Garden 8
Elkhorn Coral 1
Elkhorn Coral
Elkhorn Coral 2
Elkhorn Coral
Elkhorn Coral 3
Elkhorn Coral
Gorgonian Soft Coral
Gorgonia Soft Coral
Charlie at Sea
Donna& Charlie
The End

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