Jodo Shinshu
Honpa Hongwanji

Kyosho - The Essentials of Jodo Shinshu

Name: Jodo Shinshu Honpa Hongwanji
Founder: Shinran Shonin (1173-1263)
Buddha: Amida Buddha (Buddha of Infinite Light and Life)

The Principal Sutras of Jodo Shinshu are:
1. Larger Sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life (Bussetsu Muryoju Kyo)
2. Sutra of Meditation on the Buddha of Infinite Life (Bussetsu Kanmuryoju Kyo)
3. Smaller Sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life (Bussetsu Amida Kyo)
Having awakened to the compassion of Amida Buddha and rejoicing in the assurance of Buddhahood, we shall endeavor to live the life of gratitude and service.

The Honpa Hongwanji is a community of people joined together by the gladness of a common faith in Amida Buddha. As Jodo Shin Buddhists, we shall seek to be humbled and sincere in words and deeds to be responsible citizens of our society and to share with others the teachings of Jodo Shinshu. Understanding fully the principle of causality, we shall not practice petitionary prayer and magic, and do not depend on astrology and superstitions.
The term Jodo Shinshu was used by Shinran to describe the true essence (shinshu) of the Jodo teaching of his master, Honen Shonin (1133-1212). Shinran's successors, however, came to use it for the name of their school, with Shinran as the founder, thus distinguishing it from other Jodo schools which also claimed to succeed in Honen's teaching.
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