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Paintings originals and/or giclée prints available

Honeybee and Sunflower

Mount Whitney at Sunset

Yellow Cactus Flower

Cupcake for Saint Patrick

Agave (2004)

Reflections at Lake 11,672

Purple Cactus Flower

Rosa 'Complicata'

Boulders and Snow near Heart Lake

Douglas Fir, Yosemite, Winter

Extension Cord

Mushrooms on Douglas Fir Log

Agave (2002)

Rock, Dune


Bay Leaf


Water Lily

Sierra Crest, Star Trails

Dawn at Chac Mool Rock

Drying Mud

Zinnia Skipper

Moon and Stars over Heart Lake

Play with Me


Hurry Home Honey



Yellow Star Thistle

Get Real

Hound's Tongue

Floogie Boo...



Red Poppy

Oak Leaf

Penumbral Light

Mojave Cactus Flowers

Gretel on Loma Alta, December 1972

Desert Chicory

Venus and Moon

Prancer and Dot


Paintings not for sale



Neptune over Banner Peak


Wildflowers and Grasses waiting for the Sun at Chac Mool Rock, again (1985)

Grasses through Sand

Tomatoes, Without Beetles

Shell Remnant, With Bubbles

Chac Mool Rock (2004)

Just Washed

Mount Whitney at Sunset (1988)


About me

I paint objects and scenes with combinations of form, texture, and color that either harmonize or syncopate well. Although my work seems photo-realist, it is only enough so as to best present my favorite things about an object or scene.

I've been painting since 1978, with a lot of activity between 1983 and 1991, then more recently from 2002 on. The gap between 1991 and 2002 was mostly because I didn't have a place to paint! I have worked full time as a mechanical engineer at Agilent in Sonoma County, California since 1985.

About the paintings and prints

Almost all of my paintings are from photographs, generally slides. I use the photographs as color and light references, and to help lay out the paintings. All paintings are acrylic, on art board unless noted otherwise.

My paintings are done using a combination of airbrush and hand brush. The airbrush work varies between hard-edged, tightly defined masked work and free-hand, free-form right-brain work. These have totally different attributes, and I go back and forth as to which I enjoy most. I've found that the final appearance of a painting is heavily dependent on the processes, and in particular, the sequence of processes used to create it. Determining that sequence is one of the most enjoyable parts painting for me.

There are no messages behind my paintings. They are intended only to capture and display the physical and visual essence of the objects and scenes being painted.

Giclée prints are all in signed and numbered limited editions of 100 or 250, created using an Epson or Roland printer with archival pigments on Somerset 250 gm Enhanced Velvet paper.

Framed prints are matted, behind glass in black sectional aluminum frames, and are ready to hang. I prefer regular glass because I've found that anti-glare glass reduces the crispness of the images.

Price ranges

Prices for giclée prints range from $40 to $220 unframed and $95 to $345 framed. Original prices range from $400 to $4000. Current values are given in the price list, but I reserve the right to change these without notice. CA sales tax of 9.25% will be charged on all purchases.

Price list

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