Web Turtle Examples

Use these examples to learn how to use Web Turtle. Change some of the numbers around and see what happens!
If you create a cool program, e-mail it to me and I might put it up on this page!

When playing with some of these examples, to get a circular picture:

The simplist of all turtle-graphics examples.

The previous program spiralled around to make a circular design.

An example of printing text with "PRINT."
Or, enter your name:

Turtle Print
Shows how text can be printed at different angles using "TURTLEPRINT."

Star Burst
A circle made of stars.

Stick Person
A complex shape made out of some simple ones.

A Flower
Another complex and beautiful picture. A few variables and strings assigned at the top of the program let you quickly and easily change the message displayed.

Message Fade
This example uses math based on a variable to determine how to move and change transparency. A string lets you change the message.

Another extremely simple example. You're encouraged to play with the numbers to get different shapes.

A recursive tree is drawn at depth L...

A recursive polygon drawing function! Make neat fractals!

A set of curly spirals (from Kturtle).

Programs Submitted by Users
A simple candle, by Ted Stein.

A great looking drawing of a turtle, by Karl Siewert.

A line system fractal, by Geert Pante.

A recursive pattern that looks like a table cloth, by Nigel Ford.

Another line system fractal, by Geert Pante.

A third line system fractal, by Geert Pante.

Flower of Life
A Flower of Life, by Warren Shelly.

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