Prouty & Heiken Genealogy

San Francisco street car barn workers circa 1916.  The third man from the left is my grandfather, Fred Duval.

 Our Prouty and Heiken Genealogy
     Genealogy can serve different purposes for those exploring their past.  While finding new connections is always satisfying, learning our history is truly the most important part of understanding where we came from and who we are.
     Our Prouty ancestors take one through the entire history of the United States.  They came to America as early as 1621 and settled throughout the colonies.  The majority came from England and settled in Massachusetts and in the Carolinas.  A few families also came from Holland and France, drawn to the Dutch settlements in New York. They were first settlers of many new colonial towns, participated as representatives in our early government and fought in the revolution.
     Since their beginnings in the colonies, they took part in America’s expansion till they reached the western shore. Descendants of these families were among the early settlers of Maine, Kentucky, Ohio and Mississippi. Most worked on small farms, others were teachers and preachers.  When the Civil War began, fathers and sons volunteered for both sides of the conflict. The Prouty who connected north and south was a Union soldier who married a southern girl.  The fathers of this couple were both at the siege of Vicksburg, but on opposite sides.  It was the son of this union that reached the western shore of California after serving in WWI.
     The Heiken ancestors were later additions to the United States, drawn by the promise of farmland and new opportunities during the middle of the 1800’s.  Half came from the lowlands of Germany, Ostfriesland, and settled on farms in Jones County, Iowa. The other half came from Prussia, (now Belgium) France and Switzerland,finding work on the young nations railroads in Minnesota and Kansas.  They too migrated west until settling in California during the early 1900’s.
     What is posted here is only our direct ancestry; in some cases I have further information on family branches. Email me to find out. I heartily welcome any comments, corrections, or additions. I hope you will let me know if you have any connection or historical insights to the people in these pages!
Nancy Heiken Prouty

Nancy Heiken Prouty

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