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The first disciple...

It all began in 1943 when raj, heir to the empire of the entire Pungange region heard the first sounds of SKA music in his lonely palace on the sparkling river Ganjes. From the wooden radio his father had bought him during a diplomatic mission to the United States and the Caribbean, raj could not believe his ears! The sound of true SKA music. Of course, his life was never the same.

raj quickly cast of the burden of his father's desires for him to become a high-ranking officer and a leader of his people. Instead, raj knew, he must become the high-skankin' leader of his own SKA band. And that's just what he did.

Despite his father's complaints and even threats, raj bought a trumpet and began collecting the few SKA albums he could find, always desperately searching for more and more.....And THEN, the idea struck raj like a bolt of lightning, he would create his own record label and distribute the harmonious sounds of young SKA bands far and wide!

Many generations later, raj's sons and daughters continue to realize their father's dream and are proud to present to you the greatest SKA label in history, ladies and gentlemen:
raj records...

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