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punch the clown

punch the clown

Sea Monkey Stomp
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Love, James
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(Real Audio)

*Each Sold Separately the newest release from Davis Ska Sensation, Punch the Clown. An entire year in the making this album showcases P.T.C.'s best work to date. Songs like "Sea Monkey Stomp", "love, James", and "Trouble" prove once again that Punch the Clown is a SKA force to be reckoned with.

A complete SKA experience,*Each Sold Separately features a wide assortment of musicians such as: the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh, Flamenco guitartist Bruce Pinto, Percussion sensation Josh "P", and many others.

Over an hour incredible SKA music, plus other great surprises. Don't miss out on the best SKA album of '97. Pick up your copy today!

Read a review of "*each sold separately" as seen in the California Aggie!

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