Punch the Clown-The Secret Life of Punch The Clown
punch the clown

punch the clown

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The Song Formerly Known
As The Love Song
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Clowns 'R Us
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The Secret Life of Punch the Clown out now from raj records. This album is another 17 tunes from the Davis SKA sensation. This concept album takes you through the conversations between a man and a women and the dynamic generated by that interaction. The secret part? That's for you to find out!

Like *Each Sold Separatly,The Secret Life of Punch the Clown features a wide assortment of talented musicians such as: Joey Joe Wisgurda on trumpet, Billy Ray Cyrus Magden and the Monks of Doom singers. But mostly The Secret Life of Punch the Clown is the first album written and produced by the collection of players we call Punch the Clown!

As Nick Monroe might say "49 minutes of non-stop SKA coming your way." It's the shortest of the bands 3 albums but it packs the biggest punch. The Secret Life of Punch the Clown the best SKA album of '98. Pick up your copy today!

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