The Claremont Club Historical Archive: Samples

Cover of 1913 roster

1929: Mardi Gras costume ball

1931: "Fancy Dress Party"

1936: Christmas / New Year's play

1938: Christmas play, "Yule Know"

1939(?): Costume party

1939: Christmas play, "The Isle of Maruia"

1941: "Voyage of the S.S. Claremont"

1941: Carved "memory book"

1941: Invitation...

... and acceptance

January 1942: first year of war; announcement


1943: Christmas party, "Jingle Belles"

1949: "County Fair"

March 1954: "Cruise Blues"

May 1954: "Homecoming"

May 1955: The jug is passed to a new president

1955: "Follies Berserque"

1969: "Beaux Artes Ball"

2006: "Best In Show"

2011: Celebrating a century

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