Images that didn't fall into a category but were too good to throw out:

Hallelujah Junction Shoe Tree, US 395

Jingle Bell Road, Christmas Valley Oregon

Christmas Valley to Wagontire Highway

Hotel at Diamond Oregon, pop. 7 (note parking meters)

Catlow Rim, with Frenchglen at right

Donner und Blitzen River at Frenchglen

Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Desert Road

July 4th at Flora, Oregon

School and Church at Flora

Flora church

Old Homestead at Flora

Wallowa Lake Parking Lot

"Styx" by Deborah Butterfield, Whitman College campus
(note which end Ron is at)

Ritzville's Founding Father

Wildflowers Quilt Shop and Liquor Store, Ritzville

Sculptures Outside Somebody's House on Adams Street, Ritzville

Ellensburg Bull with strategically placed hat

Shoe Tree #1 Outside Shaniko on US 97 (compare and contrast)

The Littlest Shoe Tree, at Shaniko

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