Road diary: September 15-18

    Tuesday, September 15

Packed on day of departure instead of day before, almost casually (for me) but don't seem to have forgotten anything important.
Leave Oakland 12:45, reach Pt. Reyes Station 2:15.
PRS is still a touch magical for us; a few more visits and it will probably fade into reality, but not yet.
Hike the Tomales Bay Trail through dry grass, dodging cow pies. Very windy.
Check in to our lodgings, quickly put on long pants and shirt.
Then off to the Bovine Bakery for coffee and pastry.
Dinner at Osteria Stellina, same as last year; again very good; shrimp, salad, pizza.

    Wednesday, September 16

Coffee & scone in room; and again outside BB. Has rained during night, but we find a dry spot.
Then to Olema and Bolinas Ridge trailhead.
Driven back after about a half hour by wind, rain, cows (J is afraid of cows).
Return to car, drive to Pt. Reyes visitor center at Bear Valley.
J not afraid of bears, or at least places named for them.
Lunch in PRS: pasta, sandwich; rain turns to downpour, glad not to be on trail.
Back to inn for shelter, nap.

    Thursday, September 17

Breakfast at Station House Cafe; good corned beef hash, great cornmeal griddle cakes.
PRS seems to have gentrified comfortably; Building supply and grocery stores coexist with art galleries, bookstores, and cafes.
Toby's Feed Barn sells straw bales in back, and herbal teas and shamanic-wisdom books in front.
No rain today, but low-hanging fog.
We drop plans to hike through Muddy Hollow (no hip boots), instead will do Tomales Ridge to north.
Drive up to old Pierce Dairy Ranch near northern tip through desolate cattle and dairy country.
Rolling scrubland, marshes renewed by the rain, prairie grass under low blowing fog.
Stop at Kehoe Beach trailhead and walk down to coast.
North of KB, strong wind and shards of fog across road.
Cold, overcast, windy at Pierce Ranch; McClure Beach lies to west, but probably no nude bathers today, no point in going down there.
Hike for half hour through fog; stop, eat Mojo Bar, turn around.
Drive to Abbott's Lagoon trailhead (where outhouse is much less smelly) and hike the trail. Pass many birders; this is snowy plover season.
Return to our room with barely enough time for shower and nap before dinner; but we manage somehow.

    Friday, September 18

Head over to Pine Cone Diner for breakfast; old style place with counter, stools, plastic covered bench seats in booths.
Salmon omelet, hash browns, whole-wheat toast, coffee, all good. And classics right out of the 1950's.
Then over to trail across Giacomini Marsh.
Inadvertently turn camera knob, make a movie while trying to photograph white barn.
Hike around a while longer, then walk to Bovine Bakery and stock up on a couple scones to take home; won't be as good as fresh, but the memories...
Check out of (very disappointing) PRS Schoolhouse Inn; head for home.
Glad to be back.

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