2015 local favorites

(Brace yourself, there's over 30; I deleted all I could)

Really nearby:

Poppies in our back yard

Flowing grasses

Flowering Hellebore

Magnolia against the sky

Rose, around the corner

Up the hill:


Hydrangea, Cineraria, and more

Wisteria on wooden gate

and on brick wall

Strawberry tree (Arbutus)

A few blocks away:

Spring garden, Piedmont Avenue

UC Berkeley campus hillside

"Waterlilies" (really Caltha, marsh marigolds)

Several big Proteas

and one little one

Rose, Woolsey St.

Clematis in the shade

Azalea, ditto

Matilija poppy, likewise

Magnolia and tree fern (note music stand in window)

Flowering Weigela against brick wall

Rose, Claremont Avenue

Rhododendron at base of The Uplands

...and at the top

Flowering currant

Flowering Camellia

Apples on a fence

Hawthorn berries

I wonder why they call it trumpetvine?

Tubular Fuchsia

Iochroma outside the Safeway

Iochroma outside Rick & Ann's

Wait, there's more...
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