2017 favorites: very close seconds

Had to reduce 4328 candidates down to less than 70 "best-of 2017". Some really good ones had to go.
Here's the top thirty or so also-rans, if you have some extra time.

Mother and child, Tilden Park Little Farm

Magnolia, stormy day

Heavenly radiance above Hillcrest Road

Lassen Peak from Summit Lake

...and from Kings Creek Meadow

Burney Falls from above

A rhododendron cloud in Golden Gate Park

Azalea flowers below Tunnel Road

Poppy, front yard

Sweet-pea closeup

Cotinus, or "smoke tree"

Wisteria near UC Berkeley campus

Fuchsia & geranium on hill above campus

Manzanita cluster

Hydrangea in sun and shade

Pink-veined abutilon

Golden bignonia flower tubes near Tunnel Road

White bougainvillea at law professor's (Contracts) home

Bold camellia on The Crossways path


Wild brodiaea in the grass above Briones Reservoir

Hang in there, almost done; just a few roses to go

On the fence

On a lattice


Low-key rose on our block

Bold red ones on Mystic Street

Pierrot, a.k.a. rockrose (Cistus) north of Safeway

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