We encourage you to take a few minutes and insure that information concerning your Tiger becomes part of the living record. Many of you may have filled out similar questionnaires in the past, but that data might not be included in our archive. From its humble beginnings in the early '70's to the present day listing of every Tiger known to have been produced, "The International Registry Of Sunbeam Tigers" is the only such database in the world. With your help the growing collection of discovered survivors will soon reach the 3,500 mark. If you know of other Tigers in your area, please make an effort to gather the pertinent information on our behalf. Each new entry adds one more piece to the Tiger puzzle. 

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Feel free to use the area at the right to tell me a little about your car. Stories of acquisition, past history, the general condition and your future plans help give the entries a little personality. I also like to list previous owners, license plates (if you know of any) and especially unique option information. Things like visors, ammeters, clocks, radios and cigar lighters are always interesting, as well as hardtops, wheels, intakes and other such goodies

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